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  1. BMT1071

    Ford has all deliveries on hold. Anyone know why?

    There's your problem. It was shipped on the 44th of April. Those always take forever to arrive. 😂🤣
  2. BMT1071

    Ford Dealer Service Experience 😵

    While that update doesn't require an EV tech, it does require an A or B tech. Rotating tires and checking fluids can be done by a C tech. That said, some dealers will find any excuse they can to avoid doing warranty work.
  3. BMT1071

    10k service $130!?!

    EVs do not present anywhere near the number of maintenance and repair opportunities that ICE vehicles do. Consequently the days of cheap menu priced services are numbered. A dealer can't make any money bringing cars in for $20-30 with no potential upsales. Maybe break even if they have a Quick...
  4. BMT1071

    Would you pay $75/month or $800/year for BlueCruise hands free highway driving? This will be option for 2023 Mach-E

    There you go again. Offering reasonable solutions to known issues. 😆🤣
  5. BMT1071

    10k service $130!?!

    It doesn't say they will perform the updates, just check for them. You might get them to do a couple quickies at that price, if you're lucky.
  6. BMT1071

    Mach-E Order Bank Reopens With Lower Pricing, Higher EPA Est. Range, BlueCruise 1.2 Hands-Free Tech

    Well... they'd like to sell it for that much. Seems unlikely the current market will bear it, but I guess you never know.
  7. BMT1071

    Will Bluecruise 1.2 be available via OTA update?

    Theoretically you could probably achieve this by setting the speed significantly lower than you plan to go and use the pedal to accelerate to the speed you choose. Functionally it would be similar to 1PD since as soon as you let off the go pedal CC will start slowing down to get to the set...
  8. BMT1071

    Question - is this amount of noise normal for cooling system?

    After one and a half Phoenix summers I can confirm that the "jet taking off" sound is a standard feature. ;)
  9. BMT1071

    Tucson to Flagstaff via Globe and Payson (~285 miles)

    Google Maps quotes 5h 16m, so you made great time. So much for "EV road trips will take forever". 😆 🤣
  10. BMT1071

    Front screen navigation glitch

    Must be an iOS/CarPlay thing. I exclusively use Google Maps with Android Auto and the directions are displayed on the IPC.
  11. BMT1071

    UPDATED: Replacing Rear Shocks: Reducing the bouncy rear end

    So long story short, there is still a harsh impact felt over a sharp bump but the expansion joint oscillation is gone with the Konis??
  12. BMT1071

    Surprising “New” Service Feature

    As long as there is a car available it makes a lot more sense for the dealer. Makes it a one employee operation instead of two.
  13. BMT1071

    Is it safe to charge in Garage?

    Ding ding ding. We have a winner! 😆 🤣
  14. BMT1071

    Competition News: Ram 1500 REV Gets Up to 500 Miles Range

    But kWh are actually measurable. Range added is a SWAG at best and a fantasy number at worst.
  15. BMT1071

    Is it safe to charge in Garage?

    Virtually every charging event my car has had has happened in my garage. Coming up on two years of ownership and I have never had an issue.
  16. BMT1071

    Rear Hatch not closing

    Or the system may have turned it off due to components being unplugged.
  17. BMT1071

    Rear Hatch not closing

    Did you confirm that the body shop didn't disable it in settings?
  18. BMT1071

    High Insurance Rates for EVs?

    I have GEICO and pay about $500/6 months. My '21 Infiniti QX50 is a little over $600. The two are pretty close in MSRP. 🤷🏻