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  1. Valkyrie

    GTPE P-Zero Tires and New EV Tires on Market

    Well I'm at 13K miles on my GTPE, and based on my tred wear trends I'll be lucky if I make it past 18K miles. Looking at the EV Tire landscape it appears that Hankook might have the edge on EV tires. However in the USA they don't offer their Summer Ion S line as of May 2023. I'm hoping that...
  2. Valkyrie

    Cracked Front Windshield Replacement Price ?

    Well my MMEv GT Perf. sustained a 7 inch crack in the front windshield due to a flying rock on the freeway recently. Since the glass is an OEM specific item I wanted to find out what the price tag looks like for a dealership order. I was quoted ~$1,300 for the glass order with a 4 to 6 week...
  3. Valkyrie

    Driver Monitor Camera Fault - Blue Cruise Disabled

    See your manual for details. Hope this will reset once I restart the car today. I really don't want to go to see the dealership.
  4. Valkyrie

    BlueCruise: Two Strikes You're Out?

    It appears on my MMEv that Blue Cruise shuts off hands free driving mode for the rest of the drive after it warns you twice about paying attention to the road. The only way I've found to re-engage the hands free mode was starting a new trip. Anyone else have similar experiences. Not happy...
  5. Valkyrie

    Tire Rotation Location

    About to schedule my tire rotations, not sure if I want to go to the Ford Dealer or to another company like Costco. Just concerned that someone will attempt to lift the car via the battery pack instead of the outside rails. Anyone have experience with this good or bad? I don't want to spend...
  6. Valkyrie

    Ownership Experiences - 3 Months Later

    After driving my new MMEv for three months I'll say there's a lot to love in this vehicle. Acceleration and cornering are great especially considering this is a heavy SUV. The tech features are easy to use once you get used to the User Interface. Over the air (via WiFi) updates to features are...
  7. Valkyrie

    Longer Jail Bars

    Lately I've noticed longer than normal Jail Bars on my GTPE (post recall patch). Just starting the car today after a 10 minute prestart in the driveway and I have already earned 3 jail bars. After a 30 minute drive to work on a flat freeway around 60 MPH with one medium acceleration im in 10...
  8. Valkyrie

    Blue Cruise 2.0 Release Date?

    I'm guessing the lane changing Blue Cruise 2.0 won't be released to the older 2021-2022 MMEv's until a few months after the 2023's are live and on the road. Guessing Jan or Feb 2023 before the 'older' gens get the update. Possibly even the new Alexa based UI??
  9. Valkyrie

    Low Voltage Battery Replacement Timeline?

    Any idea when we should be looking at replacing the 12v battery in these MMEv's? Three to five years? Normal car battery or something more $ special $ ?
  10. Valkyrie

    When Blue Cruise Subscription Ends...

    I picked up my MMEv around April 26th 2022, the GT Perf. model. Looking at my car blue cruise settings it shows that my Blue Cruise subscription ends Oct 12th 2022. WTF over! We pay over 60k for a car and they sub out the features after 5 1/2 months?!? I hope it's only the hands free driving...
  11. Valkyrie

    BlueCruise in Hawaii experience?

    Please share your Blue Cruise experiences in Hawaii on Freeways and Highways. My experiences on the mainland are if the road you are driving on lies in a valley between mountains, then BC hands free tends to drop out of coverage. Wondering if area highways/freeways, such as H3 on Oahu have...
  12. Valkyrie

    Mach-E GT to the Aloha State

    Shipping my GT+ to Hawaii in the next two months. Should be a good fit based on weather and commuting distance. Solar panels FTW!
  13. Valkyrie

    Ceramic Coating Modesta

    Looking around the web at sites that review the professionally applied Ceramic Coatings it appears Modesta stands out as the best and priciest Ceramic Coat option. Very few detailers apply this coating in my area and I decided to run with the Private Label (7-10 year) option verses the BC-05...