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  1. CHeil402

    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Odd, I also have an extended range AWD from 2/11 without the recall.
  2. CHeil402

    Painting My Grizzl-E?

    It'll get much hotter than ambient being painted black in direct sunlight, much like how you can cook an egg on black top.
  3. CHeil402

    PSA: Masking your VIN number in palsapp screenshots..

    I think the same thing every time I see someone masking their VIN. This isn't privildged information and if you walk up to a car you can see it on the dash. The Ford Pass app requires someone inside the car to acknowledge a request and if it's already tied to account, it can't be tied to a...
  4. CHeil402

    (answered)Concern on charging to 100% every charge.

    I agree. That's my point is that Ford recommends charging to 90% range-o-meter state of charge (which is really 80% battery SOC) to maximize life. But even in the event you regularly charge to 100% you're not actually charing to 100%, so it's not as damaging to the battery and is ok to do...
  5. CHeil402

    Well It's Been Fun - Ford Just Pulled My Car Back to Factory **UPDATE 3** 3-4-21

    Going through that process, has PaaK worked for you reliably? Or have you not used that?
  6. CHeil402

    Found an ideal home charging solution!

    Yes, but any EVSE can limit what current it will supply.
  7. CHeil402

    (answered)Concern on charging to 100% every charge.

    Agreed that charging a lithium battery to 100% regularly is bad for its health as it speeds up the process of dendrite formation. The manual recommends charging to 90% for longevity. But the key point is that there is already a big buffer built in software by Ford, so even 100% is not 100%. The...
  8. CHeil402

    Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    Maybe you should mention some sort of public (or limited public) exposure of bug tracking, such as a Trello board would satiate the desire for transparency in bug fixing and go a long way to win loyal customer support. In an information void, people will fill it in with any possible explanation...
  9. CHeil402

    Ford Offers Early OTA Updates for Select Survey Respondents

    The few can still provide the feedback of the masses from the forum though! Maybe you can report back some of the issues others are experiencing noting that you are not (or are) also experiencing them.
  10. CHeil402

    Home Level 2 Charger Issues

    If it's 240 V it's single phase. If it were three phase it would be 208 V. The neutral space in the outlet should run back to a neutral bus bar in the breaker box and not to ground... Although I doubt that's the issue here. I still think it's high voltages that cause issues.
  11. CHeil402

    How to - remove front license plate bracket

    I would take a look at your window sticker. I've seen front plate bracket as a line item on some and not others. Presumably if it's not on your window sticker it won't be installed. I'm in PA and mine didn't have it on the sticker so here's hoping. I took a test drive of a demo last week that...
  12. CHeil402

    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Does your VV print out say stop ship on it? Also funny that KCS is more forthcoming with status updates than Ford, lol.
  13. CHeil402

    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    No I haven't gotten my VV report to get the railcar #. I got the 250 kWh email, but I don't know if I have stop ship or not. I was kind of hoping my schedule would just mimic you and @sockmeister just with the dates appropriately shifted.
  14. CHeil402

    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Maybe your car was already dropped off at KC and the railcar is headed back to Mexico for the next pickup?
  15. CHeil402

    The Build Week 1/24/2021 Club

    Maybe you're all waiting for me for the full reunion to fill up another railcar eastbound out of KC? Mine shipped 2/22.
  16. CHeil402

    RR FE - POWERTRAIN FAULT - Making Progress 3/5 - Ford is here for us!!!

    If you get this error every time and only in your garage, if you want to take the blunt force approach to prove it's something in your house, you could flip the main breaker to your house to cut power to everything and see if it happens. That would be easier than troubleshooting it to a device...
  17. CHeil402

    RR FE - POWERTRAIN FAULT - Making Progress 3/5 - Ford is here for us!!!

    None of that stuff seems too bad. Wi-Fi, Z-wave and Zigbee are all relatively low power intentional radiators in the ISM band. All of which is typical and should be expected, especially since the car has its own Wi-Fi hotspot. If you're having issues without it being plugged in (conducted...
  18. CHeil402

    RR FE - POWERTRAIN FAULT - Making Progress 3/5 - Ford is here for us!!!

    Do you have any atypical electronics or potential sources of EMI in your garage? Any motors, HVAC, electrical breakers, solar panel inverters, nearby radio towers, tin foil hats, etc.
  19. CHeil402

    Nightly Charging With Minimal Daily Mileage?

    In general, lithium batteries prefer smaller charge cycles and dislike deeper discharges. I would recommend leaving in plugged in every night and setting the max charge to 80-90%. Note that you're already not charging it to 100% even if you set it that was as there is a reserve 11 kWh blocked...
  20. CHeil402

    Weird to feel guilty about cancelling an order and buying on the lot from another dealer?

    I'm in the same boat. I found pretty much the same as mine about an hour away (same color premium AWD extended, except no all-weather mats). I ended up waiting because I have a good relationship with the dealer and bought several cars in the past from him. But I did call him with the trade-in...