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  1. So long, it's been fun.

    I reserved an ID4 for my wife the day it was announced. I've received ZERO contact from the dealer. Not to confirm my order, not to let me know it was in production, not to let me know it was on the water. All 3 emails I've received have been semi-automated direct from VW. I honestly don't even...
  2. So long, it's been fun.

    My plan is definitely to take the Mach E for me, but I was thinking about the ID4 for my wife. But if the E-Tron can get aggressive that might be worth looking at for her. There's definitely a lot of incentives on the Audi website for E-Tron. I'm not sure how many can be combined though. Looks...
  3. Positive reactions

    From the other side of the coin, I saw my first Mach E in the wild on my drive from Eugene to SF on Thursday, on a total random stretch of I505 between I5 and I80. Didn't try to get the drivers attention or anything, but it was in my future color of Carbonized Gray, so it was cool to see!
  4. Caveat Emptor: Greedy Dealerships

    I'm getting a little frustrated with my dealer and their responsiveness. I've purchased 3 Fusions from them, mainly because I'm very brand loyal. Bought the 2013 and 2016 models despite having moved from the East Bay to SF. I always thought they were fine, nothing amazing but no horrible...
  5. Ford Offers Early OTA Updates for Select Survey Respondents

    The same reason I wait on Microsoft, Apple, and Android updates too. I've had a bricked iPad and an Android phone where my battery started draining like crazy after an update. They were all 5+ years ago, but I'm still a little gun-shy lolol
  6. February 2021 Mach-E U.S. Sales Stats

    No I hadn't seen it 🤪
  7. Adaptive Cruise Control - How Much Do You Trust it?

    I have a 2016 Energi right now, so have never been able to experience adaptive cruise or lane centering. I finally got a new model year rental, a Toyota Highlander, for my drive from SF to Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, and now Eugene, headed back to SF today. I'm hoping that the Mach Es solution is...
  8. Mach-E Steals Major Tesla EV Share in February

    Just hit up the local Ford dealers for any customer refused Mach Es. Should be a pretty decent amount over the next 6 months. And you can probably avoid ADM if the dealer you ordered through has one come up in the meantime, since you can spin it that they'll be able to mark up yours once it...
  9. February 2021 Mach-E U.S. Sales Stats

    Exactly. Although it would be interesting to see what percentage of buyers came from ICE, Hybrid, PHEV, and BEV. If this forum is any indication, a higher percentage of people than I'd hoped are coming from a BEV or PHEV (I know a fan site like this would skew more heavily that direction in...
  10. 4,500 Mustang Mach-E owners will have to wait even longer .

    I was wondering the same thing. The Ford website still shows mine as scheduled to be built next week, so hopefully that's the case.
  11. 🗺 Ongoing Trip Journal: Driving Mach-E From Bakersfield, California to Houston, Texas

    As a reference point I drove a rental Jeep Cherokee from SF to Portland two months ago. It seems about the same size as there MME, but I'm not really sure. Average speed 62pmh, the MPG 26. Today I drove a bigger Highlander from SF to Portland and it was 20.8mpg. Didn't Creek the final MPH...
  12. 🗺 Ongoing Trip Journal: Driving Mach-E From Bakersfield, California to Houston, Texas

    The fusion hybrid only has a 10 gallon tank? My Energi has a 13 gallon tank on top of the battery pack. I guess that's how you get 43mpg on average, whereas I only get about 36-38 when on gas in the Energi - the extra weight of gas and battery.
  13. Bolt EV Owners Switching to Mustang Mach-e

    These days I probably do about 75% highway, 25% City, primarily due to ordering most of our groceries, and taking Lyft if we go to restaurants (the Parklets popping up all over SF are awesome, but they've taken up all the street parking lol). My plan is to use the level 2 chargers near my house...
  14. Mach-E Hate?

    It's probably the double whammy of SUV AND electric that has the mustang enthusiast crowd so pissed. For instance, if Ford had just taken the standard mustang and make it electric with GT-esque specs I'm sure there would be grumbling, but not as much. Likewise, if Ford had made an ICE SUV with...
  15. Some good surprises including Ford Options (financing option) for Mach-E

    Yeah I figured as much. Lol. In the end, as long as they keep the $2500 incentive for Options into the next quarter it doesn't really matter to me. But I guess if it did go away, I'd just go with the .9% financing. With regard to your dates....There's gotta be something else going on there...
  16. Some good surprises including Ford Options (financing option) for Mach-E

    The Ford incentives change quarterly, correct? It's the expectation that the $2500 Options instant rebate will be extended? My car is being built March 8th so it will be a photo finish to see if it makes it by quarter's end...
  17. Ford . . . PLEASE consider making the Mach E compatible with Apple Car Key! (or give us TWO fobs)

    I'll probably give the FOB to my wife and use the PaaK and as a back up the door code, since I love that on my Fusion. But the single Fob choice is still baffling to me.
  18. Real world range, charging and experience 1 week in

    Which battery/trim do you have? Assuming a RWD extended, so that's about 290 miles of range at 88x3.3. Not too bad.
  19. Test drive! First time behind the wheel!

    Looking at the perfect front of the vehicle, I can't help thinking, "I wish California didn't require front license plates." ☹️
  20. Do dealers know delivery ahead of time?

    Wow.... Your dealer responded to you? And seems to be in constant contact? That's amazing! Lol