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  1. UK Customers

    Yep I think you're right. Just getting in now for the next 3 years to make hay whilst the sun shines. Imagine I'll go back to an older banger after that if they end up scrapping the BIK benefit.
  2. UK Customers

    I know there are a few others on here who have ordered via their company car scheme from Lex Autolease. What sort of dates are you seeing in your account? Mine RWD Std range in black is sitting at the 23rd of July. Whether that'll happen or not, who knows!
  3. 4.1 Miles/KWH achieved in Mach-E on 266 mile trip!

    I've ordered the RWD Std Battery model and I would love to hear more accounts like this. All the review units and many peoples accounts are for the Ext Range/AWD so it would be great to hear some realistic range stories for the Select model. This is certainly very encouraging!
  4. UK Customers

    Just thought I'd post after seeing a couple of others recently say they'd ordered via their company car scheme on Lex. I placed my order a week or two ago and if you login to Lex's driver portal you can see their rough ETA for your car. Mine reads the 23rd of July. Lord knows how accurate that...
  5. UK Customers

    Has anyone seen any real world range tests of the SR RWD? The ford website states a WLTP of 273 miles. Off the top of my head in the cold and wet UK I'd imagine we're looking at more like 200-220 miles on a charge?
  6. UK Customers

    Thanks a lot. That was the answer I was hoping for!
  7. UK Customers

    Hey guys! In a similar vein to the previous question, I've just joined the forum and there's A LOT of previous posts, so i hope it's OK to just ask a question. I've just ordered the MME RWD SR through my company car lease company. Looking at all the demo videos of left hand drive vehicles, the...