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  1. Happy and Angry

    Complex systems fail in complex ways. Is there a more complex car than the MME? Definitely not made by Ford. Also, I imagine Ford wouldn‘t have shipped these if they did know about the issues before hand. (I think the stop ship orders we’ve seen would attest to that.) I have no doubt their test...
  2. More PAAK fun

    So how do you do a master reset? I missed that it was different than the SYNC reset.
  3. Tesla Fell 5 Spots On Consumer Reports' Brand Report, But Others Dropped More

    We had an Altima with a CVT a few years ago and I really liked it. Didn‘t have any problems with it.
  4. Mach-E Reviews and the Tesla Bias

    How to remove the cover under the hood. More details about the mechanicals and how the car actually works (drive train, not Sync 4a). I am also oddly interested in road trip videos.
  5. Mach-E Reviews and the Tesla Bias

    I‘ve stopped watching reviews. They all seem to rehash the same stuff. I‘m just ready to get my car. Positive reviews only make me want the car more and negative reviews could only make me second guess my purchase. The only reviews I plan to watch going forward are real world range tests.
  6. Adding Seat Tilt?

    Without having personally seen a MME yet, how about just adding some spacers under the front seat mounts. Don’t know how practical that would be, but might be worth investigating.
  7. High-pitched "Electrical Whine"

    BTW I’m refusing to listen to any of these videos. Once I hear the noise I’m sure I won’t be able to unhear it. I just hope I don’t notice it when I get my car.
  8. Mach-E USB-C port power output = 15W

    Thanks for testing this. I write firmware for USB PD controllers for my day job and was hoping the Mach E supported PD. Oh well. Type C is still way better than Type A if for no reason other than you can’t plug it in the wrong way.
  9. Deep Sleep Mode - 12v battery drained dead [update: Mach-E jump started]

    Do we know this is true for the Mach E?
  10. Initial Thoughts and Owner Review of a New Grabber Blue First Edition Mach-E

    I’m not too worried over canceled orders. They’re not going to have any trouble selling these cars. I would much rather KNOW that I can go at least as many miles as the GOM shows me. Let me plan instead of giving me false hope with an inflated number.
  11. Tru's thoughts on the Mach-E from second driving experience

    🤓 Well, if I remember my High School Physics class, slowing down is really just acceleration in the opposite direction.
  12. Biden wants to expand charging network

    Never heard of this. As somebody who lives in Texas, this sounds like a great idea. It takes me at least a full day to drive anywhere interesting.
  13. Bolt EV Owners Switching to Mustang Mach-e

    Mine is replacing a 2017 Volt Premier (which is going to my daughter). I love the Volt. Over 97000 miles (80000 of that was all electric) and almost no problems. Great quality except for the interior. Manual seats and no Homelink! Understandable in 1990, but an incredible oversight in 2017 for...
  14. Mach Drop Build Updates

    Sorry, but I like this version better. (This is my daughter.😄)
  15. My Mach-E Day 1 Impressions

    I wonder if L (and not 1PD) would bring it to a full stop. Might be the difference.
  16. General Motors to eliminate gasoline and diesel light-duty cars and SUVs by 2035

    I don’t know. I’m all on board with electric vehicles. I’ve had a Volt for many years and, of coarse, I’ve got a MME on order. But I’m a little concerned about the environmental impact of producing all of those batteries. It‘s my understanding that lithium mining is a very destructive process...
  17. (Solved) Best alternative for Ford's charger and possible rebates..

    I decided to get a Grizzl-e (in addition to the mobile charger) instead of a hardwired version for the following reasons. 1) allows me to keep the mobile charger in the car for emergencies 2) if the unit fails, I can just unplug it and then use the mobile charger as a backup 3) since nobody has...
  18. What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    I was actually more of a Hwy 75 guy. At least back in the “before times”.
  19. What would make you cancel your Mach-E reservation and buy something else?

    I agree. I’ve been pouring over Google Maps trying to figure out how far I’m going to have to go just to find a fun road. I live north of Dallas.