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  1. Anyone in Canada received the update for BlueCruise?

    Has anyone in Canada received the update for Blue Cruise? I got my update confirming all blue cruise functionality is there. I have hands free until 2023 April, but blue cruise doesn't seem to activate
  2. I-89 Northern VT

    Anyone done the drive down to Burlington VT? What's charging infrastructure like from the border down to Burlington in VT? I can get there in one charge but will need to recharge before returning.
  3. Charge now button

    Wasn't there a charge now button on the Ford pass app for when it's plugged in and waiting for schedule.
  4. Will these wheels fit?

    These are listed as OEM compatible for teh Select 18". Costco and partsengine list the same part:
  5. Driver door unlock

    Has there been a recent change to Paak functionality? I noticed I have to unlock the driver door first before unlocking any other door. Before it seems I could walk up to any door and press the button to unlock.
  6. Rear USB port power delivery strange?

    I just plugged my phone in to one of the rear USB ports for the back seat passengers (behind the center console). I notice the phone seems to cycle constantly as if the battery was charging then not charging. The front USB port under the main display does not do this. Is this a cable issue or...
  7. Headrest adjustment

    I can move the headrest up and down but the manual says I can tilt it forward and back. Anyone figure out how? I cant push it forward. It seems fixed.