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  1. Incentives may be gone after they expire on 7/6

    Looks like Ford may be removing incentives from their vehicles. Makes sense since inventory is pretty low.
  2. Audi Q4 revealed

    Nice looking car, looks like it will line up pricewise with the Mach E.
  3. Ford Mustang Mach-E FULL REVIEW - Ford Mustang reinvented as EV!

    This guy does some of the most detailed auto reviews.
  4. Got a cancellation email from Ford

    I received a cancellation email from Ford the other day. The dealer is telling me that they had to cancel my order because I had 2 orders in the system from when I changed the color. The dealer sent me a build sheet, but my order is not showing up in my Ford account. Is there anyone on here...
  5. Order changes

    Has anyone changed their vehicle color through their dealer? After you do so, does the Ford website "reservations and orders" section reflect these changes? I was told by my dealer that they changed my order, but it still shows the old color on the Ford website.
  6. Changing color on placed order

    I placed an order for the Mach E back in November. Does anyone know the process to change the color, I can't find anything on the Ford website to do this. Do I have to call the dealer? Does anyone know the exact process the dealer has to follow? The person I was dealing there seemed quite...
  7. Order number decoding

    Earlier this week I placed a order for Mach E premium. My order # is 10522XXX. What does this number mean...the dealer says they anticipate getting the vehicle in February, but it seems to me that I will be waiting a lot longer. Are the order numbers more or less sequential (ie 22,000+ cars...