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  1. machefan

    Mach-E in NYC taking down illegal bakeries - Best use case?

    At least you can see how it performs in traffic with lights and siren. Don't know if that was the best use of Mach-E but hey what do you expect from NYC. Mach-E starts about 50 seconds in the video.
  2. machefan

    2022 Ford Bronco Recalled Over Inadequate Windshield Bonding Issue - Where have I heard this before?

    Guess one division does not talk to the other division. You can't make this stuff up as the build dates are after the MACH-E recall!
  3. machefan

    Anyone want to put a reservation on an EV modeled after the 1967 Mustang?

    If one has endless pockets there is a new alternative to the MME about to be produced. Only 499 Reservations available, new meaning to rare Mustang EV.
  4. machefan

    Filling a gas-powered vehicle can still be cheaper than charging an electric one

    Since the news reported it must be true. Anyone want to buy my First Edition RR MME? I just can't stand charging anymore, such a waste of my time and money. You can't make this stuff up, but they hide the small print...
  5. machefan

    Happy New Year, Bring On The 2022 MME’s

    Happy New Year everyone, looking forward to seeing the 2022 roll off the assembly line. Hope a great year for all and wanted to say I’ve been on the forum for two years this month and your all a great Family. Keep it going!
  6. machefan

    Will Ford extend 91% usable battery to MY2021 owners - Asking folks in the know?

    Asking for a friend to Ford engineering if we anyone can comment? We know you are here ? :cool: Would be nice to pickup 3% more usable, anyone wishing the same?
  7. machefan

    MME On the Road - Sightings in NJ

    So far I have seen about 3 MME's on actual roads outside of the dealer lots. Yesterday for the first time I was behind a black MME and then pulled aside, but pulled too far ahead of the driver so didn't get to wave. RT 202/206 in Bedminster So if you are on the forum here is that late...
  8. machefan

    Murphy signs laws to spur solar energy, electric vehicles in N.J.’s climate change fight

    Murphy signs laws to spur solar energy, electric vehicles in N.J.’s climate change fight So what does this do for us?
  9. machefan

    Watch the Low Clearance on the MME - I got an ouchie

    So I am back at the PPF guy to fix the front bumper and a general PPF tune up. He called me to tell me I scrapped the bottom rail. So PSA - go slow over speed bumps, I can't say I was super cautious but will be in the future.
  10. machefan

    Could this be true or is it a gag with the MACH-E EV

    Wait, can I really get a lifetime engine warranty if I buy from them? What am I missing here besides the actual engine?
  11. machefan

    Plastic CLIP - Anyone know where it came from? (Solved, but good info for others)

    Apparently the dealer had to remove the plastic cover under the hood for some of the updates (not sure why). When I got home I found this clip behind the driver wiper. For anyone who has removed the covers, do you know where this clip goes? I setup another appointment for tomorrow but it's...
  12. machefan

    My 1000 Forum Post, A Long Journey to Ownership with My First Edition Mustang MACH-E EV

    Reservation placed 11/18/19 (AM) - Rapid Red First Edition Order Converted 6/29/20 Delivery 2/12/21 (0.9 Finance for 36 with 50% down) Full PPF 3/25 (Would never do again full, only partial - my mistake or OCD got the best of me) Before Delivery 11/18/19 to 2/12/21 It was a really long journey...
  13. machefan

    ENDING TONIGHT! (3/31) SiriusXM $5.00 (+tax) per month with free all access upgrade

    Ends tonight, can be applied to a trial that starts when the trial ends.
  14. machefan

    MME at Car Shows?

    Is this the first one on camera? It's quick!!
  15. machefan

    FCTP = Ford Courtesy Transportation Program! - Used MME's Soon For Sale

    So now that dealers are starting to get FCTP MME's on the lot who are actually letting customers demo them, what do you think? For the dealers putting ropes around them, shame on you!!! Sell more MME's please with no ADM, helps the rest of us. Soon these demos will be for sale, question...
  16. machefan

    MME Cargo space after a SAMS run - Tetris

    Got to say, 14 cases of water and only had to put the drivers side seat down. This thing has space... One note, the black shade easily comes loose and blocks your rear view.
  17. machefan

    Front Air Vents Open and Close during initial charging

    Anyone know why they cycle when you first plug in? Today they cycled twice because they were iced over, I wonder if they get stuck will the MME not charge?
  18. machefan

    RR FE - POWERTRAIN FAULT - Update 3/26 - Issue Identified

    First off my dealer who is Fullterton Ford in NJ was great all around, no games no issues period. The MME arrived yesterday and the PDI was today, there was a loose plug to the ABS sensor that took them 4 hours to resolve. When I got home the FordPass app told me there is a power Train...
  19. machefan

    NJ MME Deliveries - Just arrived....

    Here is one sold and picked up in NJ (Freehold Ford) Posted on twitter.... Owner on here?
  20. machefan

    Pics: Mach-E fits 3 baby / child car seats across

    Update from engineering, 3 car seats will fit in case you are a family of 5. Not my MME, would never let the floor get that dirty....