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  1. Rafgar

    📲 FordPass App 4.25.0 released w/ Charge Rate Indicator!

    Same thing happened to me. PAAK has been fully functional - until the last couple of weeks. But, I couldn't get the phone to connect at all over the weekend.
  2. Rafgar

    My Take on Side Stripes

    @TurboC Well, Autodesign has this: Which somehow got into my shopping cart already. Oh, and my MME has the rear spoiler...
  3. Rafgar

    My Take on Side Stripes

    @TurboC well, now you have me looking at the front grill - because it looks so good on your car.
  4. Rafgar

    My Take on Side Stripes

    Hi @TurboC welcome to the club. I love what you did with your car. The additional hood and grill decals look great. Of course, the side stripes are fantastic! ;-) FYI, mine are nearly 2 years old and still look as good as the day I installed them.
  5. Rafgar

    Webinar: EV Charging for Condo's, Co-op's, and Townhouses

    Mark, Thanks for posting this. I live in Fairfax County, but am interested in how multi-family housing complexes can help adopt EVs.
  6. Rafgar

    Where does BlueCruise work in the Mid-Atlantic?

    Those are all Maryland roads! What about some VA input? I'm still waiting for my BlueCruise to become active. At least the OTAs have been coming in very frequently over the last two weeks.
  7. Rafgar

    My Take on Side Stripes

    @Murse-In-Airy Congratulations! I would love to see pictures when you have them installed. Mine still look great and I'm very happy with them. My sister put a set of these on her Mach-E a few months ago.
  8. Rafgar

    Weekend Add Ons - Side Stripes and Spoiler

    Your car looks great. I love the additional black on the Orange. The spoiler looks nicely integrated - subtle.
  9. Rafgar

    My Take on Side Stripes

    @B25Nut , OK, I'll admit that I thought it had something to do with soccer. I didn't realize it was HAL.
  10. Rafgar

    My Take on Side Stripes

    @B25Nut , you're welcome and your MME looks great! The black from the stripes matches the black trim perfectly. I agree that these stripes dramatically affect (for the better) the side profile. Your MME seems to have something else on the door? ;-)
  11. Rafgar

    Did a few cheap interior and exterior things to my Iconic silver Mach-E GT

    Yep, those are the ones that I helped design. The company is actually located in Lithuania. I am very happy with the quality and they look great. @Tommy303 they look great on the Silver as well. My sister put a set on her Infinite Blue MME. By the way, you guys with the GTs and GT-PEs are...
  12. Rafgar

    Took delivery of our GTPE today. - Pasadena MD.

    Congratulations. That GTPE looks great.
  13. Rafgar

    Anyone local pickup their GT at Ted Britt Chantilly today?

    Sorry, not me. Although the GT is very tempting. I have exceeded my allotment of new car purchases this year. Curious why the new cabin filter? Summertime is autocross season. I have been playing with my toys many weekends. And, I started a new job at the end of June which keeps me busy...
  14. Rafgar

    New Owner - First Time Checking In

    @ronb5000 - welcome. You're gonna love it. Hey Loudoun people, keep the invite broad enough to cover Fairfax (and, of course, our friends across the river like @ChasingCoral ). The Mid-Atlantic group would be great, but I guess we've filled that up? I was at Dulles Landing C&C this morning...
  15. Rafgar

    My Take on Side Stripes

    @MTNestr , I'm sorry to hear that your installer had trouble with the stripes. They are definitely a challenge to install since they have some fine lines which don't stick well with too much water on the car.
  16. Rafgar

    Incentives around VA?

    You guys are lucky. I'm with Dominion, but can't get the smart meter.
  17. Rafgar

    My Take on Side Stripes

    @stmache - please let me know what you decide and show us the pictures of the final result. FYI, my sister has an IB on order and after seeing my car, she wants a set of the stripes. However, she's also struggling with the color choice. I agree with @GW Shark that the silver might be the best...
  18. Rafgar

    My Take on Side Stripes

    @MTNestr - any update on the install? I'm curious how it went and what you think.
  19. Rafgar

    EZ-Pass transponder interference?

    @prius2pony I took a trip from DC to MN over Memorial Day weekend. Stopped to pick up my mom in the northern suburbs of Chicago. My EZ-Pass is mounted in the black dot area on the passenger side of the windshield. No problems with any tolls on this entire trip which included a couple of runs...
  20. Rafgar

    My Take on Side Stripes

    @MTNestr , Paul, mine are gloss black to match the trim. Yes, the pony and Mach-E are cut out. The Pony is subtle, but the GB really comes through nicely. Note that putting these on ad a DIY is a bit of a challenge. Take your time.