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  1. greenaero

    Tomtom (Carrollton) 1/8/23 at 10am

    Glad y'all were able to meet up. I'll try my best to be there for the next one. One suggestion; could we meet on a Saturday rather than on a Sunday?
  2. greenaero

    Houston Area Nema 14-50

    $$$$ yikes! Fortunately, I was able to DIY for less than $100.
  3. greenaero

    When is Texas going to have a meetup?

    We have done a couple of get-togethers here in the DFW area. I'm always up for another if the logistics work out.
  4. greenaero

    My Mach-E saved me $3600 so far

    If you are comparing the costs for driving the same amount/conditions you sure can. interesting to see what the cost savings would be now. Viva El Mache E!
  5. greenaero

    Premium IBSB

    Awesome ! Congratulations 👍
  6. greenaero

    Need help impressing car nut father-in-law. What do you show "guests" first?

    Great suggestions ,test drive , tour of the interior , scroll the screen options, PAAK if you are competent with it, the frunk, and the definitely puddle lamps.
  7. greenaero

    Recommended dealerships for service in N. Dallas area?

    I bought my MME from AutoNation Ford of Arlington and will be going there for the windshield recall. I'll let y'all know how it turns out.
  8. greenaero

    Crashed my Mach-E due to mixing up pedals and broken Auto Hold

    I'm glad no one was hurt. The world is an inherently dangerous place; we must always be viligant.
  9. greenaero

    I Made a Video

    Very well done, thanks for sharing this.?
  10. greenaero


    No, I just use the portable charger that came with the MME on a 14/50 plug for 220 volt/40 amp recharging. Easily recharges overnight. Best wishes and enjoy your MME.
  11. greenaero

    Selling up to a Premium ER AWD and First Impressions (Long) vs. Select Mach-E

    Great report! Thanks for sharing your experiences, we do live in interesting times.
  12. greenaero

    Hello from Wisconsin

    welcome Atom!
  13. greenaero

    Hello From Toronto!

    Welcome Christian! Sorry you have to wait. It's a great car.
  14. greenaero

    Hello from Sweden

    Welcome Victor! You'll love it.
  15. greenaero

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Loving my MME too. Happy Tday to you and your family!
  16. greenaero

    Thanks on Thanksgiving Day

    Brothers and Sisters, Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for the wonderful friendship here that is informative, encouraging and often humorous. This site helped inspire me to buy my first electric vehicle. I love my MME and find it to be one of the most enjoyable vehicles I've owned in over...
  17. greenaero

    Am I fine with the 240V "mobile" charger as a permanent fixture in my garage?

    Yes that is correct, after charging I just shut the breaker off. Now I leave the charger plugged in.
  18. greenaero

    Too many Mach-E’s!

    definitely at least 3 in town, a suburb in the DFW Metroplex.
  19. greenaero

    PaaK made me look like an ass

    Not to diminish other's issues with PAAK, there are many more of us who use it as our sole key and have no complaint. I had a few minor issues but now that I know to turn the Fordpass app on and put my phone in the cradle, it has been flawless. i don't get the hate.