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  1. wmaney

    Norway - Mach-E ready for production

    I think this is close to what’s being posted but in English for the few of us that do not speak Norwegia: Just received feedback from Røhne & Selmer Alnabru. The following status is taken from Vista today (when Vista was last updated, I do not know): - My car is produced - My car is in...
  2. wmaney

    First Edition holy grail randomly found at a dealership parking lot

    Congratulations on the the awesome find - nice find. I have the FE in carbonized gray and love the car - enjoy the next few weeks getting to know the Mach eand welcome to the forum. Looks like an amazing day for a drive.
  3. wmaney

    I named my Grabber Blue FE!

    This is the best explanation for a name I've seen yet - and of course Miles relates to at least 2 of your passions - driving and music - I posted elsewhere that my wife wants to name our carbonized gray FE Ford Prefect after the character in the Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy and I want to call it...
  4. wmaney

    Adding a profile photo??

    Thanks for posting this. I use my middle name (never knew my first name until I was about 7 years old - my parents gave me my father's first name as my first name but never called me by that name but used my middle name instead. It has been confusing over the years (in school, forms, etc). So...
  5. wmaney

    Cool features of the Nav system

    Thanks for this - v helpful - although I have Apple CarPlay (which somehow I lost the ability to get it to work wirelessly - will work if plugged in) - lose the nav function in Apple Maps or Google if go out of cell service area - whereas the in car nav with satellite continues to work - so was...
  6. wmaney

    Beginning to Think Grabber Blue Was a Mistake

    Tempting you to order a second Mach e - like a GT?
  7. wmaney

    75 Mach-E's recalled due to loose bolts in subframe

    So if this is just a "bolt tightening issue," as opposed to replacing bolts or other parts, and there only 75 people who have received cars with loose bolts, why are they waiting so long to notify these 75 owners (possibly me) - and is this not a safety issue? Loose bolts never seem like a good...
  8. wmaney

    Mach Drop Build Updates

    Thanks for all you've done - hopefully the car gods are now shining on you and this will be the best ride you've ever had. Certainly will be a bit different. I have had my Mach e for 4 weeks on 3/3/20. I have really enjoyed every minute - there are the occasional glitches but over all -...
  9. wmaney

    Well It's Been Fun - Ford Just Pulled My Car Back to Factory **UPDATE 3** 3-4-21

    Awesome news - glad this worked out - looking forward to your first impressions and pictures. Hope you have some time off planned for the at least the few days after you get your Mach-e.
  10. wmaney

    Mach Drop Build Updates

    Congratulations to both of you - glad you decided to go for it - you really will enjoy this new way of driving - I was a little worried it first (no gears to work through, etc) but it has been nothing but fun. Enjoy.
  11. wmaney

    Mach Drop Build Updates

    Congratulations on your amazing new ride. Nothing like those first few days of getting to know your Mach e - awesome color. Enjoy.
  12. wmaney

    Should I Pull The Trigger?

    OMG - The only thing I can hope is that you won't respond to my post until much later today because you're on your way to get the FE GB of your dreams! I found (with my son's help) a FE carbonized grey - 400 mile from where I lived around 5pm on a Tuesday; called and set up the deal and drove...
  13. wmaney

    Mach e Beer Run

    Oh no! Now I've got to find some Labatt Blue to try - but as it turns out, closest place according to the search link below is San Francisco - oh well - another beer road trip in the future...
  14. wmaney

    Mach e Beer Run

    True that!
  15. wmaney

    Creep mode on Mach-E

    I turned auto hold off. When I pull into the garage even using the camera, I frequently was not getting as close to the staircase barrier wall - I would then try to move forward but subtly pushes on the accelerator was a little difficult - creep solves that problem - modest uphill drive way...
  16. wmaney

    Mach e Beer Run

    Jamie - I used to be able to get Molson in the Sacramento area - occasionally on the shelves of local grocers - but then that stopped - for awhile I could get the grocers to order it for me - but then it all stopped. Tried BevMo, Total Wine, etc - but no luck (they say their distributors do not...
  17. wmaney

    Mach e Beer Run

    Depending on where you are in Illinois - probably 350+ miles to Kentucky - could do in one very long day - but probably better for an overnight trip - time to recover from your first night of sipping! Either way - lots of fun hours driving the Mach e.
  18. wmaney

    Mach Drop Build Updates

    Excellent point - but I'm already getting the sideways glance...
  19. wmaney

    Mach e Beer Run

    So I am a big fan of Molson Canadian beer (only drink one a day though!)- and can not find it in Northern California - I did a search and found it in Reno, NV. My wife and my two college age children were working / studying yesterday - so friend and I made a quick beer run to Reno from the...