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  1. Headroom WITHOUT glass roof

    So to help us poor math-impaired people, that's 1.6 inches if my calcs are correct? We're not tall folks (5' 10 " for me and 5' 0" for her) but perhaps there's an additional airiness inside from the glass roof? We have a Premium on order, but were actually considering the Select since we really...
  2. Quick 100(ish) Mile Highway Range/Efficiency Test in ER RWD

    That's very good to know. Our MME test drive was rather brief and didn't involve any freeway driving, but what you're saying seems consistent with our experience. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. Quick 100(ish) Mile Highway Range/Efficiency Test in ER RWD

    I'm on my second i3 and, in general, love the way it drives so always interested in comparisons with it and the MME. I like the nimbleness of the i3, although it's always felt light on the highway. I'm hopeful that the MME will give me more of a solid feel on the freeway (where I actually don't...
  4. What do I call this thing?? =)

    "Just look for the coolest car in your parking lot."
  5. Well It's Been Fun - Ford Just Pulled My Car Back to Factory **UPDATE 3** 3-4-21

    I am so sorry to read this. I know there can be issues with being an early adopter, but this goes way beyond that. I can see why you're bailing, but man...a First Edition in Grabber Blue. That's a lot to walk away from. Wishing you the best.
  6. Ford Options questions

    I thought that I had read here that if you paid extra principal down early that it didn't have an effect on the balloon payment--you would just be zeroing out the 35 or 47 payment prior to the schedule. If you reduce the balloon and turn in the car, what happens then?
  7. Any 5ft tall MME drivers out there?

    My five-foot tall wife test drove the MME last week and her major concern was whether she could see out. She said it was fine and we put in our order. However, she did have concerns about seeing the display in the center--she felt like she was forward enough that she didn't have a good angle for...
  8. Touch screen visibility with seat moved up

    I'll have to check re any steering wheel controls. The answer may also be streaming more music via CarPlay and less radio...
  9. Touch screen visibility with seat moved up

    After test driving the MME, my wife commented that she thought the touch screen was difficult to see from her driving position. As background, she's five feet tall so her driving position is pretty far forward. She wished that it was angled more toward the driver. It wasn't an issue in the...
  10. California Rebate Program

    I have the exact same question. I have received two of these rebates, with the last one being in January 2019. So did a reset and I get one more bite at the apple or should I put the car in my wife's name?
  11. Federal tax credit only provides credit against tax liability?

    So you're in the 24% tax bracket. We add the 10% tax early withdrawal penalty to get 34% and while I'm not sure about Virginia taxes, let's call it 6% to get a nice round 40%. So on a $15K withdrawal, you'll pay $6,000 in taxes. Using $15K to drive down the price of you car, only drives it down...
  12. Lease Payments?

    I wonder what financial calisthenics they're doing to get the lease down to this monthly price? This sign was on a Select and it case it's not visible, it says 36 month lease...

    It's sort of like the Space White is more of a light gray that a white. This is just the opposite. Sort of worried about the white interior getting dirty, but I like the contrast with the dark blue. (Or whatever this color is..)

    Do folks have any thoughts about interior colors with the Infinite Blue? I'm sort of thinking the lighter interior might be a nice match for that...
  15. Test Drives in SOCAL

    I did a test drive at South Bay Ford in Hawthorne. They had several MMEs...not sure if one was a designated test drive vehicle.
  16. Salesperson low-to-no knowledge

    Fully agree there and that exactly what I meant by my "aggressively" ignorant question. Ditto with when he promised I could order online and get a car in 4-6 weeks. That part actually got a little uncomfortable when he insisted I was wrong, so I just told him that I didn't "share his confidence"...
  17. Salesperson low-to-no knowledge

    I suppose my real issue with the salesperson and the reason that I started the thread is not so much that the salesperson didn't know about the car, but that he insisted he did know about it when it was clear he had no clue. (Plus, he was introduced as the MME expert!) He wasn't so much...
  18. Salesperson low-to-no knowledge

    I went for a test drive today of Mach-E...on the way there I told my wife I expected to know more about the car than anyone we would speak with. But they may have actually come in below those low expectations. I was assigned the "expert that knows all about the car." The first thing I did in...
  19. Initial Thoughts and Owner Review of a New Grabber Blue First Edition Mach-E

    methorian: as an i3 owner I'm curious about your impressions about ant driving differences between the Mach-E and your i3. Particularly how the one-pedal driving might compare, which is my favorite i3 feature.
  20. Test drives in the time of covid

    I'm sure there's variability among dealers, but I'm wondering how test drives are handled with the virus. Other than masking, what precautions are taken?