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  1. Top speed

    The problem with modding an electric vehicle is that it could mess up OTA updates, which can and do improve performance and efficiency. There are other modifications available, but usually power is fairly standard as to not screw up updates.
  2. Mach-E Software Designer Explains How They Studied Tesla Software

    Honestly, that gives me more hope since Tesla is THE company to model your software updates after. They've done an amazing job.
  3. LOL at Some Calls With Dealers About the Mach-E

    That's the problem, they have Ford employees stuck in their ways about ICE vehicles. In my opinion, get on the train or get out. If you're not promoting and knowledgeable about the new EV that will carry your company into the next century, then you need to get out. You're only hurting your brand...
  4. Photos From Mach-E Reception Event at Galpin Ford

    That last graphic showing the different trims has the first edition and the GT picture mixed up. The GT grille is on the first edition picture.
  5. LOL at Some Calls With Dealers About the Mach-E

    Agreed. Being knowledgeable about one car is not hard whatsoever. The least the salespeople could do is properly educate themselves and try at their job. As a programmer I have to spend a good amount of time outside of work to learn more and more. I don't think the same could be said for most...
  6. Mustang Mach-E on Display in Mobile Display Trailer

    lol love the looming Tesla in the last picture. Soon, soon.... lol
  7. EPA Range for Porsche Taycan is 201 Miles

    IF the mach e has less range than has been advertised, I think it's going to be a no deal for me. The already suggested ranges should be the MINIMUM of what it offers.
  8. Mach-E on Display at Some Dealers Now

    Do you mean the i-pace? Their ev suv/cuv?
  9. Mach-e playlist

    Electric Avenue on repeat. Until I get tired of it then Highway to Hell.
  10. Mach-E reservations start strong. First Editions and first model year nearly fully reserved.

    It is but Ford's union talks didn't start until after the Mach E was already established to be built in Mexico. It's all about cheaper labor, which is fine. There are good quality cars being built in Mexico right now. Plus, when the inevitable labor cuts come due to less labor needed for...
  11. Mustang Mach-E on Display in Mobile Display Trailer

    Wish they would've used a filter to cut out the glare from the window. Come on spy people, put an nd filter on!
  12. Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    Quite a few of us have 11/18 on our reservation receipt but did it on 11/17 (I know I did during the announcement, hitting F5 lol).
  13. Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    @Bob my reservation is for a GT if you'd like to change it.
  14. LOL at Some Calls With Dealers About the Mach-E

    I just love how they rely on information sent to them. The least they can do right now, while interest is high, is read Ford's website for the current information. It's sales 101, learn your product.
  15. Autonocast discusses Mach-E's disruptive and human-centered design

    It's not that it's a problem, it's the simple fact that there is a lot more adjustments and options to these cars now, so a large touchscreen will facilitate more utility than static buttons that do one function.
  16. 2021 Mach-E vs Model Y -- Specs and Styling Compared

    To be fair, my 2011 Ford Focus is waiting 3 days for a rear control arm. So there are still gaps but I've heard some more extreme cases for Teslas.
  17. LOL at Some Calls With Dealers About the Mach-E

    If Ford was smart, they would hire people to call dealerships to check their knowledge like this. Then either fine dealerships giving wrong answers, or supply training, or both. Nothing like a little punishment to reinforce knowledge. Sales people have one job, be educated on what you're...
  18. Autonocast discusses Mach-E's disruptive and human-centered design

    I compare it to switching from T9 to Swype. Takes some getting used to, but your muscle memory will learn placement.
  19. Subscription based features

    I remember hearing huge backlash of how BMW did this. Unfortunate to see Tesla do this.
  20. Are you new to Ford/Mustang?

    Funny thing is, it will be the fastest thing that most people have driven. Even car enthusiasts. I loved my 2001 Camaro SS that was cammed, but it isn't anything compared to the Mach E GT.