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  1. JB.

    Mustang name

    Mustang has a wonderful connotation of an excellent image and brand. Sharing that in the new SPORTS CUV EV makes perfect business sense. If this new ev fails in the marketplace ford is in deep shit. Ford has billions invested. Ford needs this mach E to be a success. Using the mustang heritage...
  2. JB.

    Lease Program Details For Mach-E Leasing

    Sounds like the company does not want to hold the bag when and if the residuals at lease end are much lower than planned which has been the case for every ev other than the tesla where elon artifically held up the residuals and controlled the resale market early on. Fords not willing to gamble...
  3. JB.

    50,000 Mach-E production limit for first year

    The reservation number is nice yet since theGT isnt available until mid to late 2021 im not quite sure GT buyers will be able to access the federal tax rebate ... Thats kind of a bummer because at 60 grand minus 7500 would be a sweet deal. The first edition at 60 grand offers more range and...
  4. JB.

    Our Q&A with Ford from 2019 LA Auto Show debut of the Mustang Mach-E

    Excellent answers and questions. Thank you for posting up..
  5. JB.

    Mach-E Factory Wheels - First Look

    Not really a preferred choice. Are these optional or standard and if so which model?
  6. JB.


    Which model is this? Select? Premere?
  7. JB.

    Official List: No ADM Mach-E Ford Dealers

    Any vehicle dealer that charges ADM loses the sale. Ill never pay ADM ever.
  8. JB.

    Ford Performance Parts for Mach E

    Zero to sixty in under 4 seconds is very quick. With the ev I would error on the side of caution when it comes to making the vehicle quicker as the 8 year battery warranty should be kept intact.
  9. JB.

    Where are the color options?

    You are correct that a greater variety of colors at launch would have been nice. Personally i would liked to have seen race red for the Mach E. Id have to believe the colors and options are not fully described as of yet on the reservation site. The videos seem to have shown vehicles not...
  10. JB.

    How will Ford get over ‘Range Anxiety’

    The average is 78 percent of americans drive less than 38 miles a day. Ill have a 220 or 240 line into the garage plus all ford dealers will offer charging..... They are all over the place so it doesnt seem like a big deal for many of us. My wife drives about 600 mikes a buying...
  11. JB.

    Mach-E Build & Price Configurator!

    I cant really tell all the various options and packages because there were none with the exception to the various models. Im sure as this gets closer we will get a clearer picture of the colors options and packages etc. Fwiw if I remember correctly once a manufacturer hits the 200k...
  12. JB.

    Mach-E Waiting Room. Check in with your reservation number!

    Well.. I just reserved a GT ...... Thanks guys!
  13. JB.

    Mach-E Build & Price Configurator!

    How did anyone put a $500 deposit reservation on a mach E GT? Do we have to chose which model we want at the time of the deposit? Or do we just put a deposit on the mach E? And choose later on when we get more information and hopefully see the various mach E in person at a car show etc...
  14. JB.

    Video: Mach-E Revealed by Roadshow!

    Wow! Ford hit a huge grand slam! Simply stunning and the GT starting at 60 grand is a stroke of genius. Without question in my mind naming this the Ford Mustang Mach E was also the definitive of intelligent leveraging of an iconic brand to propel this exciting new EV SPORTS CUV tho the front...
  15. JB.

    Mustang name

    Ford is able to save tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars communicating to consumers what this new vehicle is all about. This is hopefully a SPORTS CUV electric vehicle. Thats where the market is going. Cuv ? Check! Electric? Check! Bold and exciting ? Check! Ford bet the farm on this...
  16. JB.

    Ford Mustang Mach E vs Tesla Model Y

    Model Y is frumpy looking. Fords excellence in delivering what we as consumers expect after the sale with regards to parts and service is also where ford should shine. Tesla after the sale service is horrendous. Have an accident , a small fender bender could take four months to get repaired...
  17. JB.

    We Digitally Reveal the 2021 Mach E From Latest Spy Pics!

    Maybe your right...I tend to think a high performance meaning quick acceleration is what sets the tone for the vehicle. Im sure you are correct that the majority of sales will be in the 5.5 second model. I do think awd in winter snow states is a must. For whatever it costs the manufacturer to...
  18. JB.

    We Digitally Reveal the 2021 Mach E From Latest Spy Pics!

    Most cuv s are not track vehicles. If we could get great acceleration and a low center of gravity we are good to go. Zero to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds is blistering. I like that ford is offering a choice of 300 mile range and 5.5 seconds or a 250 mole range and 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. Anything...
  19. JB.

    Official Mach E Pricing / Trims

    Also the $7500 government subsidy would make quite a difference as well... Ford should have a home run here. I cant wait to see the final vehicle sunday night!
  20. JB.

    Official Mach E Pricing / Trims

    I think your pricing is a little high. Jmo We will find out sunday night