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  1. jeffdawgfan

    First issue after 22K miles

    Well, our 2021 Mach E has been issue free for 22K miles. Over past two days I have had two "Service Vehicle Soon" lights that can be cleared, and then I get a message on my phone of power train failure issue. I would not think that we would have the HVJB issue as my wife drives car and she...
  2. jeffdawgfan

    Sort of off topic.....but battery related

    Hoping there has to be some battery experts here.....So, does a 48v 100 amp LiFeP battery have the same power (amp hours ) as four 12v 100 amp Lead/Acid batteries in series? OR would you have to put four of the 48V lithium batteries in parallel to get the same number of amp hours available.
  3. jeffdawgfan

    Odd tire size

    Has anyone with a premium (19 inch wheels) put 245/55 size tires on the stock rims. Wondering how this would work...Just hate to spend an additional 2-3K for new wheels for a little wider tire. From what I have read this is the maximum size for the stock 7.5" width rims. This will add just...
  4. jeffdawgfan

    I get it...but don't understand

    I get the fact that as on any car forum, people who are frustrated are more likely to post complaints and problems. This is either to vent or actually seek help or resolution. I don't understand why there is such a lack of people who are actually singing the praises of their new vehicle. We...
  5. jeffdawgfan

    Interesting conversation Friday

    So last week a guy hit my truck with a big RV coach. He took a turn too tight and caught my rear left bumper. Dented my bumper but it dragged the entire side of his coach all the way down the side. Only about $2000 damage to my truck but I bet his repair bill will be >$10,000. Glad not my...
  6. jeffdawgfan

    Can somebody with experience with wheels and tires check my math here?

    Looking to change out the wheels and tires on my wife's premium with the following wheel and tire size. I used the "sticky" tire size calculator. It looks like I can use 255/50R19 on a 8.5x19 with a offset of 47. Does it look like this combo will clear everything with no scrubbing? Any...
  7. jeffdawgfan

    "Loud" AC Noise

    Maybe it is because the car is so quiet in other ways, but while sitting still the AC unit is very loud in our MAch E. It seems to be much louder when in max AC with recirc turned on and fan on higher settings. Not sure why you would hear the fan outside the vehicle. Have others noted the same?
  8. jeffdawgfan

    For those with mileage/battery capacity concerns

    I know there have been multiple members that have expressed concern or disappointment with their range. We have had our AWD ER Premium for about two months now. We reset driving history when we left the dealer. Every time we charge the car the estimated mileage goes up. Today, with ambient...
  9. jeffdawgfan

    Door Rattle

    I have developed a very annoying door rattle on left rear door. Going to have to remove door panel to investigate and wondering if the Mach-E door panels are put on the same as most other cars. I don't want to cause any damage. I do have extra clips if any break but wondering if there are any...
  10. jeffdawgfan

    A little something that bothers me that Ford can fix

    Habits die hard. I have always driven with my hands at about the 45 degree and the 315 degree positions on the steering wheel. I think they taught us to do that many moons ago in drivers education in high school. Anyway, Ford placed the speedometer where the view of it is blocked by my right...
  11. jeffdawgfan

    Foot Activated Rear Hatch

    Is anyone had any issues with rear hatch foot activation. I have a premium model. The foot activation just does not work. I have verified that it is turned on in setting. No matter where I wave my foot will not open. It will open with button and closes with the close button. Any ideas...
  12. jeffdawgfan

    Three days of ownership and only two gripes

    First....I can't help it, but the low speed pedestrian noise and backup sound are really quite annoying. A neighbor remarked to me also "I thought electric cars were silent, that thing makes more noise than my truck". I have to agree. The noise is much more intrusive than the warning noises...
  13. jeffdawgfan

    Capacitor as a battery

    Ok, I have to admit that my background is in nuclear mechanical engineering and not as an electrical engineer. But a question that perplexes me that maybe someone can shoot down. Electrical capacitors can be charged very very quickly. Why couldn't a large capacitor be used instead of a...
  14. jeffdawgfan

    Finally, Our Star White AWD EX Premium arrived

    We picked up car this afternoon. Too dark for pictures when we got home. Just as note. Our windshield/Roof is aligned perfectly. All body panels well aligned. There is one rear hatch gasket that is a little funky and will bear watching. Neither my wife nor I could detect any noise from the...
  15. jeffdawgfan

    Norfolk Southern to the Southeast (Atlanta) Area in how many days.

    Our MME was loaded/transferred to a Norfolk Southern Train two days ago. For anyone who has received their MME in the southeast how long did it take for delivery from this point. We have an ETA from anywhere 4/7-5/1. Wouldn't you know we are going on three week trip on 4/11 and would not be...
  16. jeffdawgfan

    Please don't flame me but....

    I have searched through god knows how many posts with no real answer. How long after your MME ships before it shows up in PALSAPP. When I search it just shows a freight number. The status and destination boxes are blank. Ford says my shipping date was 3/9.
  17. jeffdawgfan

    When Does the car wake up

    So, our MME is being "born" in the next couple of days since it started production last week. When does the car actually "wake up" electronically where you can communicate with it via the Ford phone application. I was trying to find out if there was a "track my car" part of the application...
  18. jeffdawgfan

    So Finally Saw One In Person and Test Drive Today

    We have a Star White AWD ER Platinum on order that is supposed to have build week on 2/28......if it is not delayed for the third time. I was browsing on line and saw our dealer had three Mach-E's on site. Rather peeved as they had promised to call me when they got a demo...
  19. jeffdawgfan

    What tires are cars arriving with

    For those who have received their Mach E, what tires did it come with. The prototypes had different brands of tires.
  20. jeffdawgfan

    Has anybody in this forum received their Mach E yet????

    I am dying for some first hand reviews from some members here but as far as I can tell no one has received yet.