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  1. AlanJ

    iOS 17 - Maps to include live EV Charging Station Availability

    I have yet to get my hands on the Beta to see what else is hidden away. But now Apple Maps will have real time EV charging station availability for EV routing. This will be a great addition to the already great CarPlay abilities of the Mach E.
  2. AlanJ

    Random Audio Distortion

    Just seeing if anyone can re-produce this issue. Using Apple CarPlay and Apple Music. When playing music, and switching from reverse or using the camera view. back to the Carplay view do you hear a little audio distortion? I have rear camera delay enabled as well. Just seeing if this is...
  3. AlanJ

    Camera Lens Cleaner / Repellant?

    Does anyone use a ceramic lens cleaner or repellant to help keep the cameras clean? Or anything that can keep water off, or dirt? Mainly the rear and 360 Cameras. Road spray really gets to them.