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  1. MoonRiver

    Wish Precondition had today selection

    Not only just day of the week selection. So if I want to drive in the next hour I don’t have to think if today is Monday or Wednesday.
  2. MoonRiver

    2 dots of rust on passenger side, uneven driver door with front fender?

    It only takes a magnet to confirm fenders and hood are made of aluminum. So it can’t be rust. It’s likely a paint chip.
  3. MoonRiver

    Just got a whole bunch of new speed divots installed (Warning: Graphic Footage) 🙈🙉

    I guess it was too late to lay some card boards on top huh.
  4. MoonRiver

    Ford needs to send out a customer survey.

    Ford only has to come here to see what our real life experience with Mach e is. I do believe they are monitoring the forum.
  5. MoonRiver

    Wind noise

    How does it look with the tape over it?
  6. MoonRiver

    Wind noise

    Finally drove at 90 mph a little bit, still noticed the wind noise, so I inserted one more piece of foam rod with the same diameter. Seems better.
  7. MoonRiver

    Wind noise

    Will report back once done another high speed run.
  8. MoonRiver

    Wind noise

    Tried the taping trick today. Felt a bit quieter at 90 mph. Inserted a piece of foam rod from Lowes into the gap have not test driven afterwards though. Thank OP for sharing the fix.
  9. MoonRiver

    19 Cool facts about the technology in the Mach-e

    Frunk can also be opened mechanically the same way as ICE.
  10. MoonRiver

    Damaged from jack slipping off lift rail

    Me too, I have 4 lift blocks for each jack point, a 150 ftlb torque stick and a tire plug kit in my car. I like to fix it myself before take it to a shop. If I have to let some else do it I got all the stuff to help them to get it done right.
  11. MoonRiver

    Fitcam Fit

    I can see a gap on the right side. Bending the end away from the ceiling a bit might minimize it.
  12. MoonRiver

    Fitcam Fit

  13. MoonRiver

    Fitcam Fit

    I have once done the heat gun trick to my wife's Camry B pillar trim to eliminate a gap. You basically can mold any plastic to any shape you want, but just don't over heat it or you'll ruin its surface pattern.
  14. MoonRiver

    PowerUp 4.1.1 Update

    Mine is still and it set to auto update also scheduled update every night, but so far only updated once a while back.
  15. MoonRiver

    Some settings not “sticking”

    You might have to set up your paak from scratch again so that you can select all of your prefer settings.
  16. MoonRiver

    Covering Rear USB Ports

    This site sells USB port covers dirt cheap. You can make a right shape out of them.
  17. MoonRiver

    Covering Rear USB Ports

    Plugging a couple of USB cables sure will prevent anything going in there.
  18. MoonRiver

    Bellevue Police Department Mach-E cruiser

    So they'll be nice to Mach e owners?
  19. MoonRiver

    12 V Battery Failure

    Fun or not is not I am interested in, I’m trying to be technically correct.