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  1. DanCoon

    Wheel Allignment

    I'm getting my first new set of tires tomorrow and am wondering about alligning the wheels. My Mach-E has 65k miles on it and has never had a wheel allignment. None of the tires show any abnormal wear indicating anything is out of place and no one at the dealership has said anything about it...
  2. DanCoon

    Tire Shortage?

    I've been looking to have my OEM tires replaced for the past three months at Firestone Complete Auto Care. My Mach-E has 64,000 miles on it. I choose this location because I have a credit card with them that gives me 0% interest. Anyways, I've been visiting them every two weeks or so and they...
  3. DanCoon

    Car Randomly Stops Charging

    Hey Guys, a few days ago I woke to find the "red ring error" on the charge port and a car that only charged for about 15 minutes before stopping. My Grizzl-E charger didn't have any error codes, so I unplugged it, then plugged it back into the Mach-E and it charged fine. Since then the Mach-E...
  4. DanCoon

    Battery Health Test

    My Mach-E has passed the 60k threshold and I calculate I'll reach the 100k mark the middle of next year. I'd like to start periodically monitoring the health of the battery just in case it degrades past the 80% charge that the warrantee allows for. Is there an easy or definitive way to...
  5. DanCoon

    Sirius XM Not Loading

    Is anybody having the issue where some of the Sirius XM channels aren't loading? It started happening on my car after the most recent UI update. Plays fine, but then after a few key cycles I will try to play certain channels and will get a low bandwidth message or a "loading" message. Key...
  6. DanCoon

    Random Issues at 55,000 miles.

    I've been dealing with the following issues for the past 2 or 3 months and am just getting around to asking the community if there are any solutions. Thanks. Rain sensor not working. I've tried toggling it on and off and resetting SYNC, but it never engages no matter what setting I use or how...
  7. DanCoon

    Quick California Lemon Law Question

    Two different dealers have attempted 3 times total to perform the braking pulsation TSB (21-2206 I believe) with no positive results. My 4th repair has been open for a month at the Ford dealership and I was told that I could keep the car while they attempt to get a good will repair...
  8. DanCoon

    Unable to Select Profile

    At least half the time I turn on my car the profile defaults to "guest," and I am unable to change it in SYNC even though the icon is there with my name on it. This has been happening for almost 3 weeks now. Has anyone been experiencing this or have any solutions? I have not tried deleting my...
  9. DanCoon

    Software Update Bug - Ford Please Read

    This is mainly for Ford software engineers to see, but please feel free to chime in if I'm missing something. Every time I receive an OTA software update the motion sensors default to "on." I keep the sensors off, so its highly annoying having to go into the settings everytime I receive an...
  10. DanCoon

    Level 2 Charger Stuck in Charge Port

    I just bought a Grizzle charger a few weeks ago and it has worked great up until today. I tried taking it out of the port this morning and it was stuck. I opened the Frunk to see if the manual release would work, and it didn't of course, since that is supposed to be for the release of a D/C...
  11. DanCoon

    Chargers Unavailable Bug

    Anybody know how to get rid of this new bug I'm experiencing? For some reason the charging stations are not loading up into the navigation so I'm constantly getting the "chargers unavailable" warning no matter how full of a charge I have.
  12. DanCoon

    Ford Mobile Charger Reduced Charge

    For the past two weeks my Ford Mobile charger has been showing the reduced charging error code of the amber and blue light. I've reset the thing and made sure the connector is plugged tightly into the box. It can't be my Mach-E because the same thing was happening to the EV loaner car I got...
  13. DanCoon

    What Happens When You Don't "Resume Control."

    Took a brief look on the forums and this doesn't look discussed.... I decided to see what would happen when you don't "resume control" after ignoring the prompts to keep your hands on the steering wheel during cruise control and lane keeping. Here's what happened... First, you get the...
  14. DanCoon

    Hands-Free / Lane Assist in the Rain

    Does anyone know how the lane assist feature reacts if you hydroplane on the road? I'm assuming that the system will overcorrect, resulting in a spinout type situation. I've been keeping mine off in this California rain just in case.
  15. DanCoon

    Second Attempt at Brake Repair

    Last month I took my car in for a TSB regarding brake shudder. The pads were replaced and all was fine. About two weeks later the same problem returned and I took the Mach-E in for another go at a repair. This time they resurfaced the rotors, and I was told I should use 1-pedal to save the...
  16. DanCoon

    Possible Front Sensor Limitation

    I was traveling down the highway this morning and traffic suddenly stopped. I had to slam on brakes. When I came to a stop I noticed the front distance indicator hadn't changed... I imagine due to the large void in the semi truck bumper in front of me that the radar probably passes through...
  17. DanCoon

    Loose Rear Windows

    Has anybody noticed that their rear windows are a little loose? Mine started to wiggle in their housing by maybe a quarter inch or so when wiping them down. I also noticed that I'm able to get a good eighth of an inch gap or so when I push the window towards the interior of the car.
  18. DanCoon

    Windshield Laminate Defect

    About a month ago I had my windshield replaced by Safelite due to a rock hitting it. Ever since I have been seeing these weird swirl marks that would never go away with cleaning on either side of the glass. I finally got around to driving back up to Safelite and had them confirm that the...
  19. DanCoon

    Cabin Air Filter Back Ordered

    Anybody got any idea where I can get a cabin air filter for this thing? My dealership said they've been back ordered for two months for a Mach-E air filter, and the two that I've ordered off Amazon didn't fit even though it said it would. Thanks in advance!
  20. DanCoon

    Frunk Bay Cleaning

    Does anyone see any value in removing the frunk and giving all the components in the "engine" bay a good cleaning like you would do with a typical ICE vehicle? The area under my frunk is getting really dust at 16k miles. Just a thought.