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  1. SpaceEVDriver

    Charging Issue At Home on Ford Level 2 Charger

    Your vehicle's location is visible in that screenshot. You might want to crop that off. This screenshot alone doesn't give us enough information to tell you if something is wrong. The vehicle only charged for about two hours. But this doesn't say why. What does the charge log say (you shared...
  2. SpaceEVDriver

    Two Weeks In: Random Thoughts & Observations about my New MME

    I've owned over 20 vehicles, none of which could be considered luxury. I find the ride in the Mustang to be the best I've owned and I've never even driven a vehicle with a smoother ride. After many >1000 mile road trips, I agree about the seats. I may end up adding some seat padding to them soon.
  3. SpaceEVDriver

    Are MME sales this bad?

    I know of two more besides ours! Woo hoo! ;)
  4. SpaceEVDriver

    How often do you charge your Mach E?

    Always plugged in when at home and if there's a L1 or L2 charger available when on the road. Charge limit set to 90% and only charge during off-peak times. Charge to 100% when necessary.
  5. SpaceEVDriver

    SRP EV Price Plan

    No. And sadly, APS is following in their footsteps. And we have a pretty weak corporation commission who do whatever their corporate overlords demand of them. :(
  6. SpaceEVDriver

    SRP EV Price Plan

    I have another 6-18 months before we can put solar in at our new place, so I'm hoping that if it is late it's late on Ford's schedule rather than brand t's schedule.... :P
  7. SpaceEVDriver

    Tracking the HVB State of Health - how much decline is normal?

    I think that may be. They seem to have both a past and predicted driving behavior as part of their estimate for SOH. I have a few WOTs, but not many. I'm down to 96.5% after just over 20,000 miles.
  8. SpaceEVDriver

    Tracking the HVB State of Health - how much decline is normal?

    One of Ford's patents says the following about how they *might* be calculating SOH, but it's not the only model, and we don't know what the coefficients might be in the representation they include here. Note that I haven't dug into the patent to check every little detail. The patent goes on to...
  9. SpaceEVDriver

    SRP EV Price Plan

    I hope this becomes real.
  10. SpaceEVDriver

    Maintenance question

    If you drive the vehicle more than once a month or so you'll notice any of the things on the 6 mo inspection, except perhaps the coolant level. You'll need to pop off the beauty cover in the frunk space to check that. It's straightforward to do.
  11. SpaceEVDriver

    Maintenance question

    There is a 6 mo inspection period, but it shouldn't cost $80. And most of it you can do yourself. I would find a different dealer, and I would tell both dealers why I was switching.
  12. SpaceEVDriver

    Anyone else interested in replacing the rotary shifter?

    If there was an option to replace the dial with something better, I'd probably pony up for it, but I can't think of anything that could put in its place that would actually turn out to be better...except maybe a dial with better stops in it.
  13. SpaceEVDriver

    Southern California to Oregon and back 2000 mile road trip in 2021 Premium 4X Mach E

    Normally we do go direct from Barstow to the 58 and up on the 99 from Bakersfield. But this time we have to make a couple day stop in LA for work and to visit family.
  14. SpaceEVDriver

    Southern California to Oregon and back 2000 mile road trip in 2021 Premium 4X Mach E

    Nice writeup! I'm getting ready to take a similar trip. Starting in northern AZ and going into the LA valley and then up the 5 to the 99 to Redding. I'll be taking the 99 for similar reasons...also, it's just a less stressful highway for me. The trip will be a total of about 2300 miles for us...
  15. SpaceEVDriver

    An auto CEO came very close to saying the right thing about heavy EV batteries

    The ER doesn't weigh 500 pounds more than the SR. Especially with the SR chemistry being moved to LFP. The following curb weights are easily found. The 2022 Premium SR RWD is 4318 pounds; the ER is 4647 (329 pounds difference, or a 7% weight reduction). Similarly, the AWD SR is 4498 while...
  16. SpaceEVDriver

    Increase range on GT for long trips

    If you're doing close following, there are some additional tricks that can help. Look for vehicles that have minimal slope of the rear of the vehicle. Tractor trailers, vans, box trucks, etc. Avoid vehicles with a sloped back (sedans, fastbacks, etc). Find a train of three to four vehicles and...
  17. SpaceEVDriver

    Dealers Will Go the Way of the Blacksmith Shop

    So? I can go to any number of retail shops, online or offline, often including the manufacturer, to purchase pretty much any item I want except a vehicle. There's nothing that should be legally-protected about the business of selling a vehicle. K-Mart's business wasn't protected by a bunch...
  18. SpaceEVDriver

    Dealers Will Go the Way of the Blacksmith Shop

    My local Ford dealer is sandbagging EVs as much as it can even though most of the other dealers are doing good business with them. I believe it's finally decided to sell them, but that's probably only because of Ford's requirements. The dealer has always been very strongly against anything they...
  19. SpaceEVDriver

    Dealers Will Go the Way of the Blacksmith Shop

    Blacksmiths create things. Dealers just sell things they didn't make and make money from that. Blacksmiths didn't have the organizing, financial, or political power to survive a changing situation. The dealers have been writing the laws that protect them from anything resembling a true free...