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  1. kindofblue

    GM Adopts Tesla NACS like Ford!

    Here in CA Tesla has/had been charging ~$0.42/Kw and even if they charge $0.50 (20% more) the gasoline equivalent here in CA ($5/gal) will still be far more expensive.
  2. kindofblue

    Southern California to Oregon and back 2000 mile road trip in 2021 Premium 4X Mach E

    Thanks for the report. What does chargehub do that the others don't?
  3. kindofblue

    Well, I Didn't Think This Would Ever Happen...

    Of all the numerous comments from ICE Mustang owners I'd say it's ~90% positive and 10% sour grapes.
  4. kindofblue

    What brand of detailing products do you use on your Mach E and why?

    I've been using Griot Garage's products for a couple years now. They perform well and I like their US based (Tacoma WA) and environmentally friendly products. They also have great DIY videos.
  5. kindofblue

    How long did it take owning a MME to get your first speeding ticket?

    I learned a long time ago that safely pushing speeds on twisty roads is a lot more fun than just going fast on a straight road. And when riding my GS in a group club ride, I would always let the faster riders go first so that they would get the tickets rather than myself :cool:
  6. kindofblue

    Hankook ION Evo AS SUV tires now available

    And Discount Tire is a sponsor of this forum.
  7. kindofblue

    Which charger would you buy today?

    We're using the OEM charger that comes with the car and if it dies w/in the warranty Ford will replace it.
  8. kindofblue

    New Bridgestone Turanza EV tires (with "Enliten" tech) for Teslas, Mach-E promises better durability

    We've got the Turanza tires on our BMW i4 edrive40 (OEM) and it's a really quiet ride. I don't recall the exact size but they are on 18" wheels and I've gotten 300 mi of range on a 500 mil round trip to SoCal in Feb (freeway speeds (70-72 on cruise control).
  9. kindofblue

    Your next EV

    Aye matey, there's the rub, especially w/dealers ready to add ADM to the MSRP, at least for quite a while.
  10. kindofblue

    Smart Solar Charging

    We have both an i4 40eDrive and a 2022 MME Premium. The i4 is a great car and EV. You might consider though whether you really need the extra power of the M50 or the AWD. the 40eDrive is 5.5" 0-60 according to BMW but people on the i4 forum have bested that by about a half second. The 40 has a...
  11. kindofblue

    Your next EV

    I had a deposit for an Aptera but its future is uncertain so I cancelled my reservation. Very cool tech and huge range though if they succeed. We also got a 2023 BMW i4 40eDrive on 3/31 and it's a fabulous car. It's got BMW's handling and 300mi of real range (in ideal conditions) I've...
  12. kindofblue

    Ford Quadruples BlueCruise Price to $800/yr for All Renewals

    They may be testing the waters to see just how much people are willing to pay by paying attention to forum posts like this one. For me personally, adaptive cruise control and lane keeping are sufficient. Hands off is nice but not at any subscription price. YMMV of course.
  13. kindofblue

    Splurged on luxury custom leather floor mats.

    Don't forget no-sky July and Fogust ;-)
  14. kindofblue

    leg/calf pad

    The $5k solution would have been a Gucci :cool:
  15. kindofblue

    Would you pay $75/month or $800/year for BlueCruise hands free highway driving? This will be option for 2023 Mach-E

    For me personally the lane centering coupled with the distance control is sufficient.
  16. kindofblue

    Car is completely dead

    Not with respect to this issue but Ford occasionally sends me an email about a Ford GT I had put a reservation on then subsequently cancelled ~18 months ago.