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  1. Does Magneride make that much of a difference?

    Dropping your tire pressure to 35-36 psi will do a whole lot more than magnaride. The implantation of mag ride shocks in the Mach e is the worst in the automotive industry. Who ever did the calibration at ford should be shamed out of a job.
  2. My Mach-E GT got a lot of pushback on reddit. Curious to see people's thoughts on here.

    The stripes are terribly done, not at all like Shelby stripes. . Something you’d get from fast signs for a hundred bucks.
  3. Terrible Highway mileage!

    This forum is like every other forum. A free for all hell scape of super stans and grumpy old men.
  4. Terrible Highway mileage!

    You got the wrong battery. Take it back to the dealer or sell it.
  5. Test drive disappointments

    I’m sorry but being into audio, the sound system in the Mach e is simply awful. It had zero dynamics nor mid and bass response. The sound system in my old civic Si blows this B&O system out of the water. There’s a tear down and replacement thread on the forum and you can see that for your self...
  6. Why no Pet Mode yet?

    It’s hilarious when people help with #NotThatHard. That’s not help, that’s not genuine, that’s being cute with insults when others asked for a simple feature. So stop with the victim games of the “oh just asking questions” crowd. It’s unbelievably tiring and no one buys it.
  7. Why no Pet Mode yet?

    The wizard he knows all!
  8. Why no Pet Mode yet?

    That’s a great generalization about what the market wants. I’m sure you’re 1000% correct and have the authority to make that decision for all the owners.
  9. Why no Pet Mode yet?

    Let’s keep the jokes coming guys so productive!
  10. Why no Pet Mode yet?

    Since you didn’t know the car will heat the battery on 110v the circle of trust is broken with you.
  11. Why no Pet Mode yet?

    Hah haha ha ha so funny 😂 great we don’t need nor want any extra features for our cars. Awesome work wizards!
  12. Why no Pet Mode yet?

    So you’re 100% the sketch app will stay primary on the display screen? The car won’t go into a screen saver mode? Or you just being pedantic (and Following the class bully) as well as trying to keep requested features out of Mach e to keep it less competitive as the market passes it by?
  13. Why no Pet Mode yet?

    Neither is flying a kite. People asked for a feature it’s not that hard
  14. Why no Pet Mode yet?

    Glad you have inside knowledge of the resources available at ford. #staytoxic
  15. FordPass & PAAK use cancelled unless you give away ALL personal and real-time driving data ?!

    Umm PAAK has to be linked to the cloud along with the car. Why? Well you’d have to keep your phone in a faraday cage with your key fob so someone with Bluetooth scanner doesn’t just drive off with your car in the grocery store parking lot. A singular code for PAAK is just about the worst...
  16. Why no Pet Mode yet?

    lol mmmkay the biggest component of pet mode is to put on the giant screen that the car is in a pet mode. So…… do gooders don’t smash your windows and call the S.W.A.T team while you’re running an errand. #ThisIsNotHard
  17. FordPass & PAAK use cancelled unless you give away ALL personal and real-time driving data ?!

    Sounds like someone has top secret gov documents that tripped and fell into his filing cabinet. Hilarious
  18. Car fault or EA fault?

    Enable charge and go and get always start that charge from the charger. Never had the car successfully start a charge.
  19. FordPass & PAAK use cancelled unless you give away ALL personal and real-time driving data ?!

    This is hilarious what else do you think that phone in your pocket is doing. You have no privacy already. All your personal information is already bought and sold many times over.