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  1. Interesting (and short) article on GM's electrification

    Title is a little click baitish, but still enough tidbits in there to be interesting. I guess I wasn't aware that GM's launches have gone so poorly.
  2. Edmunds adds battery health to BEV listings

    As I mentioned last month; while I was at NADA in late January, I heard about a number of companies sprouting up around battery health. It looks like Edmunds is partnering with Recurrent and has added it to some BEV listings...
  3. And so it begins. Mache rebates
  4. Tick Tock Mr. Farley, Tick Tock. It takes special skills to pull this off in 2022. Hopefully, the distance between Farley and the door just got quite a bit shorter.
  5. Tesla offering $7500 discounts b4 year end
  6. happy birthday 1st quarter 2023 buyers! Problaby...
  7. GOM Update set off alarm last night. Talk about pissed!

    We keep our MME GT in the garage. However, two windows in the garage don't have alarms on them (yes I have to get to that). In the middle of the night our phones go off telling us the alarm is going off on the car (our garage is fully drywalled and spayfoam insulated so it was not loud enough to...
  8. MME PE for sale on Bring A Trailer

    here's one to watch.
  9. Just great. Blank Screen after 3.6.1 update 22B28

    Well, Ford strikes again. My wife updated the MME GT. And now the center screen is blank. Why are these people so incompetent?
  10. Wow. Some smart people are so stupid...

    Really, just buy a damn ice vehicle.
  11. Debating Snow Tires on MME GT in Washington state, or not?

    We run All seasons on the rest of our fleet and have always been good. Guessing the tires on the MME GT are not going to cut it for snow? Or, maybe they are. Would love to get some feedback on what others are doing with the GT models. thx
  12. Poll: Did you pay MSRP or less for your new MME?

    This is a poll to see what percent of MME buyers on this thread paid MSRP or less for their new vehicle. Or less would include things like rebates, x-plan, or a negotiated lower rate.
  13. Happy wife..., obligatory new MME GT post

    Yeah, it's here. I got to drive it around the block once. :( Wife loves it which is all that really matters. I've been told that I am not allowed to drive it unsupervised due to my lead foot! 🏎
  14. How many miles left once GOM hits Zero (According to Edmunds)

    Interesting article. TLDR version: you better be really really close to a charge location once you MME GOM hits Zero. Tesla's have more in reserve.
  15. thread for people who can't take possession of their MME due to recall and want to rant

    Well, there is a thread for everything else. I thought misery loves company. My stupid build date is 5/27, but since my "in production" date is 5/14, I am part of the recall. My MME GT is on its way, but will sit on the lot until Ford gets its crap together. EOR
  16. Electrician is coming Next week. What would you do?

    Hey all, My electrician is coming next week. He has done all the work on our place. What should I have him install? The NEMA 14-50? Or a box for hardwire? Here is what I have. Pic 1: Big panel is for heavy load items and looks to have room. Pic 2: 50 amp breaker is for Welder Pic 3: welder...
  17. M'Kay, that's one way to do it...

    saw this on the way home from the lake this weekend on I-90 west of Spokane, WA. That's one way to do it I guess.
  18. 2021 MME GT with 35 miles on Bring A Trailer

    Well, it would seem that not even a BEV is safe! Someone just listed a basically undriven MMEGT on BAT.
  19. Fine, if I can't get the MME GT right now, I'll just have to drive this!

    While waiting for the MME GT, I bought this little gem for the lake house. Always wanted one. My wife is like 🤔
  20. Two Mach-e's collecting dust with Service tags at Evergreen Ford in Issaquah. Anyone here own one?

    Drove through the parking lot of Evergreen ford tonight. Saw two MMEs collecting dust in the back lot with service tags. Wondering if they belong to anyone here and what it wrong with them. Not pre delivery units. One is a space gray and the other is red. Starting to wonder just how big of a...