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  1. VaderMachE

    Hey, at least it didn't strand me

    After a day of mostly sitting out in my driveway, I went to move Vader, and got the wrench...then the turtle.🤦‍♂️😂 Rolled into the street and that was that. I had power to set in tow mode and assisted the tow driver as to where to hook it. I actually sent him a text with the picture I've kept...
  2. VaderMachE

    15K mark-up!

    So a local dealership had received an all white "ice package" Mach E. I walked by this morning and WOW 😮!! Sticker is $60,095.00, and the sneaky tag on window stating "current market value" says $75,035.00! $15K tacked on. I hope it rots on their lot or @Ford Motor Company catches wind. Damn!
  3. VaderMachE

    Hey Ford...I love my Mach E!

    I enjoy this forum. I get useful information and get to chat with like-minded people. I won't lie, sometimes it gets a bit negative, so this is just to let @Ford Motor Company Know...I love my Mach E! I'm coming up on one year of ownership and this car has been perfect. No issues with order...
  4. VaderMachE

    Collapsible storage unit for hatch space.

    I've grown tired of groceries and such sliding about, so I purchased two of these. Inexpensive, can be hooked in place, and they're collapsible. I like all the pockets, and just the general set-up. Thought I'd share.😉
  5. VaderMachE

    Closing in on first year! Still shines!

    Once I actually hit the one year mark, I'll do a full review and write up. Today is just to show everyone that a black car can be a daily driver, and with a touch of effort, still look amazing! I did talk about this paint job when I first got my Mach @Ford Motor Company did some of the best...
  6. VaderMachE

    Two Mach E's in stock now!

    Hey all, my sister works at a dealership and keeps me in the know if something comes in. Well, she sent a text yesterday that they took two Mach E's in...stock units. One red premium x, and grabber Blue GT. I've posted about vehicles in the past, I'm only trying to help those looking, I get...
  7. VaderMachE

    Colors for future Mach E (your picks)

    I'd love to see a "Race Red" offered on future Mach E's. Especially on the GT. Maybe black rims as well. What colors would you like to see and perhaps we can get @Ford Motor Company to chime in.? Prior Mustang GT and Corvette of mine pictured Red!
  8. VaderMachE

    2022 Grabber Blue GT (at sticker price)

    Just a PSA again. An ordered grabber Blue GT became a stock unit at the dealership my sister works at. It was still available as of last night. (3/2) Brondes Ford in Maumee Ohio. I get nothing from this other than the pleasure of connecting someone with a car they desire. Brock or Bill are...
  9. VaderMachE

    Grabber Blue GT Performance available.

    PSA: My dealership just took in a 2022 grabber Blue GT Performance to stock! Brondes Ford in Maumee, Ohio. My sister works in service and sent me the picture. If anyone's looking.
  10. VaderMachE

    How's your paint??

    For those that have been lucky enough to get your MME, how's the paint job? I ordered a shadow Black and when it arrived, went over it closely. I have to give props to @Ford Motor Company this is one of the best paint jobs I've ever seen! I'm a detailer as a hobby and have corrected lots of...
  11. VaderMachE

    Stock premium wheels cleaned and coated

    I switched out my wheels first thing, but wanted to keep stock wheels for winter. Today I got busy doing the task of cleaning, detailing and ceramic coating them. They're ready for winter!?
  12. VaderMachE

    What car did you give up for MME??

    This could be fun, and might bring out pics of cool cars. What vehicle did you let go of to get your MME? I have an every day driver (Ford Fusion Hybrid), but I've always kept a "toy car" for fun. I parted with my 2018 Honda Civic Type R for my Mach E. This shows the level of commitment I have...
  13. VaderMachE

    First Road Trip

    Took my very new MME on it's first road trip here in Ohio to visit family. I'd only been able to commute prior to this, so there was only 89 miles on the clock. Charged to 100% in my garage and hit the road yesterday. This vehicle is an absolute pleasure to drive! Seats are comfortable, handling...
  14. VaderMachE

    6 Months Later...It's Finally Home

    Put my hard earned money down on January 3rd. It rolled into my dealership on July 1st. I finally took it home tonight! My sister works at the dealership, so I had wheels shipped there for my Mach E. Anyway, I'm super excited, the car looks and drives like a dream! I'll post up more once I do...
  15. VaderMachE

    Ordered new wheels

    After much thought, I decided on a wheel and tire package through Tire Rack. I ordered a shadow Black MME, so I had to follow up with black rims, and went to 20's. The minute the vehicle hits the dealership, wheels go on. I have connections.?
  16. VaderMachE

    Test drive! First time behind the wheel!

    My dealership has their "test drive" vehicle in and it's identical to what I've ordered, other than the interior color. I was promised to get first shot behind the wheel ( sister works there)and was pretty close, MME had only 34 miles on it! First impression, it's a very well put together...
  17. VaderMachE

    Getting Stoked!

    So this happened today. I know the people in here will appreciate my excitement. My co-workers just think I'm! I have my fusion hybrid lease through the end of the year, so I'm covered on having a ride. Ford charger for the garage has been purchased and is currently in basement...