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  1. eltonlin

    “Drive Mode not available”

    I got this for the first time during a drive. Got to my destination and forgot about it. Started it up again next day and error resolved itself oddly.
  2. eltonlin

    PSA: Unauthorized API use can disable your FordPass account

    Resolved in terms of my account being disabled. Now whether you can go back to using the public API and NOT get blocked? that's a risk you may decide to take. I've disabled the services on my side as I value my Ford account over the relatively not useful information I got from the services anyway.
  3. eltonlin

    PSA: Unauthorized API use can disable your FordPass account

    Well, no one called me. But I did get the IBM security email that stated my account was re-enabled...
  4. eltonlin

    Fraud detected and Ford account disabled

    Aaaaand. I got this today from Recurrent...
  5. eltonlin

    PSA: Unauthorized API use can disable your FordPass account

    Try calling FordPass: +1 (833) 385-0512 They submitted a ticket and escalation and it was resolved in a day for me...
  6. eltonlin

    Fraud detected and Ford account disabled

    Oddly enough, you are able to reset your password when your account is disabled (I tried it and the pwd change was successful).
  7. eltonlin

    PSA: Unauthorized API use can disable your FordPass account

    Update on my end - thanks to the thread I called the Fordpass # (+1 (833) 385-0512) on Monday 11/28. Spoke to a nice agent who took down my info. I told them I deleted the car from Recurrent. Account was re-enabled today 11/29. Was expecting it to take weeks... So thanks in advance for...
  8. eltonlin

    Fraud detected and Ford account disabled

    I got the same email on 11/22. thought it was phishing. Ended up calling Fordpass on the phone, and the agent was super friendly and took down all my info. I mentioned that I had signed up for Recurrent but subsequently deleted my Mach-E from the service. Called on Monday and got the vague...
  9. eltonlin

    PSA: Unauthorized API use can disable your FordPass account

    I got the "IBM security verify" email and initially thought its was spam, but now see that it's a horrible notification that my account is suspended. I had added my car to optiwatt and recurrent; deleted the car from both of those services now. Any tips on the best way to re-enable the...
  10. eltonlin

    I had BlueCruise installed by Ford service. Here's what to expect...

    Dropped off my FE to the dealer Wednesday. Was told it was going to take more than a day because of the sheer number of modules that need to be updated. It's been 1.5 days and no call yet from dealer. Here's hoping I can pick it up by end of week...
  11. eltonlin

    Comprehensive PowerUp (OTA) Poll (1.x-2.x)

    I've been stuck on 2.3.0 for 2 months... Job 1 First Edition. But looks liker per the poll I ain't the only one..
  12. eltonlin

    Windshield/Roof recall - almost perfect experience

    Congrats! Anyone in the SF Bay Area gotten their recall done (and with good results)?
  13. eltonlin

    Lighted Pony Project (back it!)

    Just threw my hoof into the ring as well. Hope this ships out within a reasonable period of time!
  14. eltonlin

    Keyless entry stopped working

    This SSM should help resolve it:
  15. eltonlin

    OTA Power Up 2.3.0 Is out

    Is Speed Sign Recognition just a renaming of Intelligent Adaptive CC or something else entirely?
  16. eltonlin

    Can't change Channels in SiriusXM

    I noticed this issue today. No song details or any details load; switching presets takes a couple minutes to take place. I at first thought it was a sync issue, so I rebooted it several times. Now I think it may be SXM related. I received the 1.7.1 update (though no official communication on...
  17. eltonlin

    The windshield, roof recall went out last nite.

    Just received the written letters in the mail yesterday. Per the letter, Dealer's won't be getting more information until November 15, and for the impacted users to contact dealers after that date to schedule service.
  18. eltonlin

    [OTA] 1.7.1 Appears to be incoming

    Interesting. Would I need to go through remote setup again in order to have my presets saved to the cloud? That would mean resetting all user profiles from the car...
  19. eltonlin

    Car still wont unlock with PAAK all of a sudden

    Same issue here. I thought I read that this SSM may help? Thread 'SSM 49676 - Alarm Activates When Unlocked Door Opened - Driver Door Does Not Unlock/Open - Door Activation Switch Not Lighting Up'