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  1. reeflife

    Priority Update 23-PU0314-DCM-LAT

    Here are numbers to make searchable CSP 21B36 PU 23-PU0415-BLM-VIS
  2. reeflife

    Priority Update 23-PU0314-DCM-LAT

    I received this one yesterday! Let’s see if Paak improves.
  3. reeflife

    Are MME sales this bad?

    Unfortunately they will be low! The price and interest rates are too high. Ford did put a rebate and rate program out but as long as Ford is competing against the big T.. Ford needs to scale up manufacturing and get the price down and clean up the software. Fords recalls and other issues are...
  4. reeflife

    Cruise Contol gone after 4.2.6 update

    Blue Cruise went haywire for several days. I noticed two main issues. Before updates happen the car throws fits and after updates it throws even more. Issues like BLC, Pak, CarPlay, lights and more all start acting up.
  5. reeflife

    Ford Playing Number Games? Help us understand the price shuffle.... Has Anyone ACTUALLY seen what is being done?

    They did! An old saying! “Pigs get fat and hogs get slaughtered!” They were selling well until boom! August 2022 Inflation reduction Act! To funny! It really was the opposite! As soon as people realized they might not get the $7500 because the IRS had these SUV and Car measurement rules...
  6. reeflife

    OTA weird ???

    It’s happening to all EVs. When Ford pushed 4.2.5 out it started pushing everyone to update and by next week you should have 4.2.5… I think this update requires all previous to be pushed in sequence.
  7. reeflife

    4.2.5 Software Update Stuck on 2 of 3 Glitch (Deep Sleep Mode) Can't Open Doors Issue

    I am thinking your update was working through and the your 12 volt battery voltage dropped and it froze up during the update. Since it’s a 21 I think it may be time to replace it or charge and maintenance it. Just a thought. These batteries are used above average and subjected to greater in...
  8. reeflife

    New BlueCruise Cost/Service

    No way! I still stand there was no subscription when I ordered or on my window sticker. I guess someone wants legal battles.
  9. reeflife

    Park Assist retrofit

    That was just for module and not reel value of feature.
  10. reeflife

    So, I got an email this past week that my complimentary BlueCruise subscription is about to expire, and it got me thinking…

    Your correct! Most states and the US government requires everything stated on the window sticker and it’s not. To come out later and state something otherwise is definitely breaking the law. If manufacturers want to post that on the unsold ones and prior to being ordered that’s fine. The state’s...
  11. reeflife

    Energy Data Lacking
  12. reeflife

    Consumer Reports ranks BlueCruise as #1 driver assistance system

    Where they driving version 1 or 2?
  13. reeflife

    Vehicle no longer pre conditioning after software update

    This happened to me. I believe I deleted the schedule from car and Fordpass and made sure it was gone and then a few days went by and added it back. Also make sure you are in your profile. The modules I believe are trying to work out the updates.
  14. reeflife

    Recent computer gremlins

    Same here! Just crazy! I add one sitting in the car with phone and app open and car just starts alarms and no key warning and would not shut off. This morning had no problems. This computer in this car either is being tampered with by an outside source like Ford system was hacked or the software...
  15. reeflife

    Paak gone CrAzY for the last two days

    It happened before any update. I always wait on phone updates because I am fully aware about bad Phone updates and it almost always affects Bluetooth and other things. It turns out Ford did do a silent update as the December date for bluecruise was changed. I just haven’t been back to this post...