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  1. Tngo23

    California ChargePoint 40V 6-50 Nema Wall plug in $650,+nema+6-50+plug&qid=1663348999&sprefix=chargepoint,aps,140&sr=8-1 Purchased April/2022 - MME Sold.....
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    California Sold: 2022 GTPE Cyber Orange 2960 Miles, $7

    Price for a quick sale with my GTPE-$71,000------Lowest price Anywhere for a GT Performance Edition Cyber Orange, 2956 Miles Custom PPF entire car except the Black stock sports roof, $6500 Custom 360 camera system connected via rearview mirror, custom JL subwoofer/amp system hidden under rear...
  3. Tngo23

    Door kick panels protection

    I don't know if anyone else is annoyed with kicking the door kick panels scuffing it? I for sure don't like the cheap plastic material that Ford used for it......I was looking for something clear I can add to easily clean or wipe it off when I exit the door and accidentally kick it...It never...
  4. Tngo23

    Tow Hook?

    Has anyone seen this? These guys are from the UK and don't know if it will work for the US-made MME's though. At least European specs may benefit from it. I have no plan on using it to tow but good to know aftermarket accessories are starting to come out for the MME.
  5. Tngo23

    Gadget thru OBD

    I know I know...It's overkill but I thought to try it out. See pics....two ways to mount it: A-pillar or sit on top of the corner Dash....I tucked the wiring on the driver left side where the OBD connector is
  6. Tngo23

    GTPE Max range?

    Hello, I have had the GTPE since 3/31/22 and have noticed my max range is only 230 Miles at 100% on a Level 2 home charger. On a DC3 charger, Max charge is 80% with Electrify America.... I thought the GTPE has a normal range of 260 miles fully/100% charged?
  7. Tngo23

    Aftermarket 360 camera system add on?

    Hello, I am a proud owner of a Cyber Orange GTPE delivered 3/31/22 however I was one of those who didn’t think before I made the order back last October 2021. My Hot MME is without Park assist, blue cruise, or 360 Camera system which is what I regret the most. Now the plan is to add an...
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    Ford Connected Charger any good?

    Anyone have or tried this Charger from Ford? It comes with a 3 yr warranty according to Ford
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    GTPE------> Thoughts on Wheel Colors

    Hola, I am planning on replacing the GTPE stock wheels for looks....The stock wheels are ok to me but my MME color is Grabber Orange which I know Black or Anthracite will offset it nice. What other wheel colors or styles do you guys/gals think would change the look? I will also keep the 20"...
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    Ford has stopped taking orders for Mach-E Premium and California Route 1 trims 2 Models are now gone for 2022 "If you’ve been close to pulling the trigger on a brand-new Ford Mustang Mach-E Premium or California Route 1, it seems that time has run out. Ford has...
  11. Tngo23

    Is it just me? The size of the MME in person?

    Hello All, I am waiting for the delivery of my GTPE in a few weeks but wanted to take a poll on what others see and not just me. When you see pics of the MME, it looks a lot bigger than in person right? I don't see a lot of MME's where I am (Northern CA- Sacramento) but when I do see it in...
  12. Tngo23

    California Tax rebate for 2022 MME?

    Hi All, I am expected to get delivery on my MME on April 14-18 or so and wanted to ask if anyone planning or has plans on the tax credit. I am assuming if my model is a 2022 model.....The $7500 tax credit will not apply until next year or it's too late? Any insight would be helpful..... THX
  13. Tngo23

    Netflix or Game Console on MACH E?

    Hello All, This may be old but I just found out that Tesla Model 3 can watch Netflix or use a game console connector thru USB to play prebuilt games while in Parked or Charging. Am I the last to know? LOL I wonder if the Mach E has an option or have an HDMI input for an external device...