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  1. StillWaitingForMachE

    Winter Road Conditions

    Preface: This is not a complaint about my range suddenly being 230 miles! 😂 While driving to work this morning, I had to drive on some fairly slick roads for the first time since getting my car. I was driving in whisper mode with 1PD on. I definitely felt much safer in my Mach E than I would...
  2. StillWaitingForMachE

    Issues with Car Play/Android Auto and Profiles after 3.5.3 and 3.5.4 updates

    In the last two weeks, I've gotten both the 3.5.3 and 3.5.4 OTA updates. Since then, I've had issues with both my wife's phone (iPhone) connecting to CarPlay and my phone (Android) connecting to Android Auto. Additionally, neither of us can select a car profile despite them being tied to the...
  3. StillWaitingForMachE

    How to Answer Call Hands Free

    Okay, probably a dumb question, but if somebody is calling me while I'm driving, is it possible to answer the call without taking a hand off the wheel to tap the screen? I find having to reach over and tap the screen to accept incoming calls to be very distracting and potentially dangerous...
  4. StillWaitingForMachE

    Commute uses ~40-45% of battery. What is the best way to charge?

    As the title states, my commute (when I carpool with my wife and drop the baby off at the sitter) uses ~40% of the battery round trip. Because we don't feel comfortable coming home with 10% battery or worse (depending on temps) if we go two days without charging, we plug in every night. My...
  5. StillWaitingForMachE

    Some thoughts on Batteries

    So from what I've read, our batteries should last anywhere from 100k to 500k miles before deterioration means we need to replace them or buy a new car. For most people (even those who drive a lot), this is 5-10 years of use before needing to replace the batteries. In 5-10 years, we will likely...
  6. StillWaitingForMachE

    Can't hear propulsion sound?

    I actually prefer having the propulsion sound off because the quiet is really nice, but yesterday I tried turning it on while driving home because I was curious. I didn't hear anything, even when at 3/4 throttle or so. Is this normal? I had the radio off, do I need it on to hear propulsion...
  7. StillWaitingForMachE

    Coffee Mug Rattles in Driver's Side Cupholder

    As the title says, whenever I put a coffee mug or water bottle (not just metal - even a glass one!) in the driver's side center console cupholder, it rattles. The weird thing is, it doesn't do that in the passenger side one, so I usually just end up putting my water bottle/coffee mug in that one...
  8. StillWaitingForMachE

    Why did my car try to charge outside of set hours?

    I have a Grizzl E smart charger, and both it and the Mach E are set to charge from 11pm - 6 am (off peak hours) It has worked fine the past couple times (I got the car a little over a week ago now), but today I got home, plugged in, and shortly after got this message: Why did this happen? It...
  9. StillWaitingForMachE

    Road Noise?

    Just got my car yesterday, and it's everything I hoped it would be! However, the quiet while driving is definitely something new. Every so often, I'll hear a thud thud thud thud kind of noise. Is this road noise, or could it be something like the brakes sticking or warped rotors or something I...
  10. StillWaitingForMachE

    Navigation Question

    Dumb question, but how do I get the navigation ui to show road names? I almost got lost on the way home from the dealer because it was trying to take me an unfamiliar way and I couldn't figure out where to turn or which route to switch to to get onto familiar roads since I couldn't see road...
  11. StillWaitingForMachE

    Fixed Price Offer From Power Company Right Before Car Delivery

    So I just got a fixed Price plan offer from my power company. $75/mo, or an estimated $90/year now than I'm currently paying on average. But here's the thing...I get a Mach E any day now and that will add quite a bit to my power bill, even charging during off peak hours. It definitely feels...
  12. StillWaitingForMachE

    Is parking in the sun at work without ability to plug in a problem?

    As the title says, there is no charging infrastructure at my workplace, and my car is usually not parked in any form of shade. I live in Northern Indiana, so not exactly desert, but it can be high 90s at times during the summer. Luckily I'm parking on gravel near a drainage ditch, so it's...
  13. StillWaitingForMachE

    How do I get my car?

    My car is (probably*) sitting in the Elkhart Railyard, 9 miles from my dealer, and has been for a few weeks. It is now one day past the maximum estimated delivery date, and I have not heard a peep about it getting any closer to being delivered. Despite this, my delivery estimate has not changed...
  14. StillWaitingForMachE

    Dry Ice in the Frunk

    See the thread title. Would doing this damage the Frunk liner or things on the other side of it due to how much colder dry ice is, or is it safe? Not planning on trying it, just curious.
  15. StillWaitingForMachE

    Tesla Closing Autopilot Office, Cutting 200 Jobs Seems like a smart move to make at a time when you're under investigation by the NTSB for your inaccurately-named Autopilot software driving your cars into emergency vehicles.
  16. StillWaitingForMachE

    No Rear Winch Points Question

    So this hasn't happened to me (as I haven't even gotten my car yet), and it hopefully never will, but without rear winch points, what would they do if you slid on some black ice and ended up front end-first in a ditch? Get an off-road tow truck to go around the ditch and pull you out from the...
  17. StillWaitingForMachE

    VIN and Window Sticker?

    Forgive me if this is already posted somewhere and I just couldn't find it... After months of waiting, I finally got a build week of 5/9 a week and a half ago. 🥳 When should I expect to get a VIN#? And where on the order info page will that information be located? Can someone share a...
  18. StillWaitingForMachE

    How do I get more information?

    I ordered a California Rt 1 ER eAWD in Iced Blue on 11/11/2021 The status almost immediately went to Order Sent to Dealer and then Order Accepted by Dealer, and since then .... crickets. I understand this is not an uncommon experience these days, but I am wondering if there's questions I...