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  1. MurphyDog

    Scratches and swirls in B pillars

    When I picked up my FE a couple months ago I noticed the B pillars had some serious swirls and scratches. Looked like someone did the prep work with sandpaper. I put up a stink and the dealer told me to take it to their preferred body shop. When I got there the body shop guy met me in the...
  2. MurphyDog

    CarPlay rounded corners are gone!

    According to Ford on Twitter, from one of the OTA updates (power-ups), the rounded corners are now gone in Apple CarPlay. Just switch your CarPlay to use the black background and the rounded corners disappear from all views. Ryan Tomorrow on Twitter: "Not sure if it was an @Apple or @Ford...
  3. MurphyDog

    First fast charging experience- it was free!!

    I’m in Sacramento, California and I just had my first Electrify America experience. Found the chargers using Apple Maps and it said it was free, but the Ford Pass app and EA app said 0.43 per kWh. We stopped by and everything worked flawlessly. Charged from 37% to 88% while we had coffee...
  4. MurphyDog

    (Solved) Craigs front plate mount causing issues

    Installed one of the new Craig’s license plate mounts ( ) that are listed as working with the MME. Today I did a road trip down the coast and it seems to interfere with the parking sensors. Nearly every time I slow to 5 mphs or less, the...