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  1. FORD HAS NO FIX - No heat in -15c and colder temps

    Arctic blast in my neck of the woods, so I'll see how it does with 12F Temps. Wind chill in the -10F, and I wonder how much all that convection will have an impact on it.
  2. Mach e build quality. Mot so much

    Also, for what it's worth, I have 10k miles on my car, and once I got the PPF, no more chips. The car looks practically brand new.
  3. Mach e build quality. Mot so much

    Ferarri does not put PPF on $2.5 million cars... so why would Ford do it? PPF is an aftermarket thing.
  4. Mach e build quality. Mot so much

    My initial thought was that this post is some kind of satire... but I'll assume you are serious. The moment I took my ME to the detailer for ceramic coat he immediately suggested a PPF on the hood due to how aggressive it was sloped. I didn't listen to him and two months later I got a nice ding...
  5. Official: Ford cuts 2023 Mach-E pricing 🔻 and increasing production 🔺!

    1) I feel like the update throttled current in certain scenarios to prevent the HVJB contactor from welding. Are you certain it doesn't? 2) I guess 'very few' is subjective... to my knowledge, Ford hasn't officially stated it, but sounds like a few %, and I consider anything less than a few %...
  6. Official: Ford cuts 2023 Mach-E pricing 🔻 and increasing production 🔺!

    If you enjoy your Tesla then more power to you. I enjoy my ME. If someone asks my opinion (happens from time to time) I'd recommend a MachE over a Y, but beyond that I could really care less.
  7. Official: Ford cuts 2023 Mach-E pricing 🔻 and increasing production 🔺!

    I went through the same thing you're going through. Believe me, once you get the car, you'll forget all about it. Freight shipping is a lot more complicated than you might think. Especially when it's coming from another country.
  8. Official: Ford cuts 2023 Mach-E pricing 🔻 and increasing production 🔺!

    This is not 2-day delivery at Believe me, you do not want a rushed shipment = banged up 'new' car. Moving a 5000lb object the right way via freight takes a long, long time. For what it's worth mine took about 2 months to deliver once it was built.
  9. Official: Ford cuts 2023 Mach-E pricing 🔻 and increasing production 🔺!

    You are not living in reality. You seem like the type of person who goes out and pumps-up what some sales/marketing guy writes on a piece of paper. I was one of those 50k MachEs that got recalled. Do you know the inconvenience/impact it had on my car? Zero. My HVJB had zero problems, and the...
  10. Official: Ford cuts 2023 Mach-E pricing 🔻 and increasing production 🔺!

    I think you’re being a little extreme. One of the reasons the ME sold out early on is because a Premium eAWD XT with a 7500 tax incentive was an absolutely insane deal. I should know… I capitalized on it and would do so again in a heartbeat The tax incentive makes it a no brainer. No tax...
  11. If EV's didn't exist, what car would you have instead of your Mach E?

    Not really the same type of car at all, but I’d love for my next car to be an old school Benz 1954 190SL convertible.
  12. Did I Just Blow My 3rd (and updated part) HVBJB???

    haha good to see you’re enjoying the car. I’ve got the same type and haven’t had the HVjB issue but I rarely go full throttle. Half to 3/4 throttle and I can outpower 95% of cars on the road.
  13. Mach E GT/GTPE Upgrades

    it is 100% possible. Ford is testing an E-version of the Cobra and it is smoking model S Plaids. Not street legal…but no question you can get more power with the right components.
  14. For those waiting on orders, what does the Model Y price drop to $52,990 make you think?

    If they dropped the price to $15k I still wouldn’t buy it. It’s a ugly car that I have no interest in owning.
  15. New issue tonight drivers window controls dead.

    Literally just happened to me as well. Since another forum member had it happen yesterday, I’m wondering if some new OTA update Ford did might have bricked it.
  16. The major weakness of the MME (and all non-Tesla EVs) -- reliable, robust charging network doesn't exist

    Eh, I think you just live in an area with poor EV support. In the northeast charging really hasn’t been much of an issue.
  17. What is the most you would pay for a Mach E

    All in (taxes, fees, etc) I paid just under 60k for my premium. I partially paid that price due to the 7.5k rebate, but I love the car so much I’d pay 60k without a rebate if I had to do it again. if they could make a GTPE without a 5 second limit, I’d pay around 75k to 80k for that.
  18. Electrical burning smell in garage

    This is a great thread for anyone who is thinking of getting an electrician to wire a home charging station. Super important to get it done right. Glad you found the issue.
  19. anyone ever experience brief blurred vision from acceleration?

    Thank you for taking my post seriously… this is likely what I experienced.
  20. anyone ever experience brief blurred vision from acceleration?

    very informative. So I take it that after all of that we both agree that a turn produces more g-force than flying in a straight line? That’s all I was trying to say. Didn’t mean to imply that I knew more about jets than someone with a graduate degree in aerospace engineering.