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  1. Garbone

    2021 MMe

    Neither of my Selects have folding mirrors but the wheels spin round and round just the same..
  2. Garbone

    The EV “Green” Narrative

    Cost of ownership. I can not put a oil well in by back yard but I can build a solar array. The best car part is no part at all.. A single drive motor and battery with relays and electronics if much simpler that a whirling ICE motor and slush box transmission. Surely retooling entire...
  3. Garbone

    US Plans Push To Upgrade Fast Chargers

    I don't know what the deal is with charging. I think those looking for Governmental assistance are going to be disappointed. Here is a view of the charging deset of Georgia and SC. 75KW CCS or better. And here is Florida at the same scale. I don't see that much difference in policy...
  4. Garbone

    Some new Electrify America prices showed up

    So planning on a road trip next month. Only one of the 4 planned charge stops is EA, need to do some more work on my planning to avoid that one also.
  5. Garbone

    2 Week Thoughts and Are We Crazy???

    2 MME and the older one has a hitch so decide to use it to return scaffolding from working on the house. The C10 gets 12 mpg on a good day and since the rental place was eight gallons away it was cheaper to rent a uhaul trailer and tow with the MachE. C10 sits in the garage, on a battery...
  6. Garbone

    Mach-E Rally Edition at the Detroit Auto Show

    Still on the fence about those SVO'ish rims. Hope wing delete is a thing.
  7. Garbone

    Ford charger in NEMA 14 - 50, breaker flips

    Rating on the breaker? Loose lugs? Wire type?
  8. Garbone

    Mustang Mach-E Rally Edition! Priced ~$65K, 480hp, 650lb-ft, raised 20mm, Rally Sport Mode, ordering open early 2024

    One or two E lockers would be nice.... Bet it still will get stuck at the beach....
  9. Garbone

    Hit the 400 mark!

    Brrr, wintery.
  10. Garbone

    Installed CURT 59236 4 way flat trailer wiring. Summary.

    Oddly enough the tail loops from the housing and back up into the main harness at that approximate location. I would have tapped in behind the light but it is close to impossible to snake thru a wire on the left side. There are more wires than just signals in these harnesses for sure. Also...
  11. Garbone

    Installed CURT 59236 4 way flat trailer wiring. Summary.

    So spent the morning with my test light and figured out things. I installed mine so the flat is inside the hatch since it will rarely be used at best. Install required taking out the center sill and both lower side panels. I mounted the unit behind the passenger side panel as there is plenty...
  12. Garbone

    Indecision, get a 2023, wait for 2024, then trade in for a 2025?

    As someone that keeps a car for 10 years minimum I drive a Select RWD. Cost of ownership will be the best of the options and 0-60 is still in the 5s. If you do not plan on owning the car may as well get what tickles your fancy. As to charging, as long as you can charge 30 amps or better at...
  13. Garbone

    Trailer hitch wiring harness options

    I have started on this task and printed page 12 of the European guide, however thos colors do not seem to have any meaning (think they are for the harness not the car) Installing a Kurt 59236 kit. Power is easy. On the right hand side I have found the Gn-Or to be the rh turn signal. Now I...
  14. Garbone

    Increasing speed from 70 to 80 probably costs you ~25% of your range/efficiency

    I just set my cruise at 8 over. Seems like a fair number to avoid getting pulled. Efficiency is only an issue when EA comes into play..
  15. Garbone

    A pole found the back of my car cheaper than body work.. The light, well that is a bummer.
  16. Garbone

    Home Level 2 charging slower than expected

    Me and a handful of pennies would beg to differ..... JK
  17. Garbone

    Charging 20% to 80%, roughly how long?

    Full by morning. All is good.
  18. Garbone

    I propose a Mach E wave or "acknowledgment "

    Ummm.... 🖕 No?
  19. Garbone

    Interview With Ford About Its Transition To NACS

    Waffles and syrup