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  1. back_at_it_19

    Indecision, get a 2023, wait for 2024, then trade in for a 2025?

    Love my Job 1 2021 Premium. Best car I've ever owned. Ignore all the skeptics. Get a Premium. GT not worth the $ imo unless you're a speed junky. Premium will be the fastest car you've prob ever owned. All of your concerns and comments will be fine. As far as price vs. tesla, ymmv lately...
  2. back_at_it_19

    Ford BlueCruise 1.3 is coming soon

    Yes, this, updates toggled off after an update (not by me), and disconnected from wifi (not by me), although I dont think Ive ever received an update on wifi.
  3. back_at_it_19

    After Two Years and 30,000 Miles... Long Term Owner Review

    Every time for me too! And the other items exactly the same. Also a FE grabber blue 12/2020 build date, 42k miles.
  4. back_at_it_19

    Blue Oval Charge Network - missing?

    And especially as far as 9 can tell they only support EA so what’s the point, other than plug and charge? And that doesn’t get you the EA subscription rate.
  5. back_at_it_19

    Ford Extends BlueCruise Trial to December 31

    Yes. And maybe would they consider annual subscriptions vs 3 years?… Am I keeping this ‘21 for 3 more years after 12/2023?
  6. back_at_it_19

    10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    Usually faster when it’s over 60°. Usually hovers 100-120 and decreases over time on a charge.
  7. back_at_it_19

    10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    This is our second mme, and I have found over the last 2 years that apple updates impact the connectivity. A hard restart (not just power off/on) on an iPhone and the sync restart does the trick for us. Sometimes just the phone hard restart fixes it. Sometimes just a phone power off/on fixes it.
  8. back_at_it_19

    Is it Totaled or No?

    If its somehow not totaled, I’d pay the difference and buy new again and give up on that one.
  9. back_at_it_19

    Interior Sensor went off even when alarm system was disabled

    Settings, general (or vehicle?), first (or one of the first?) options. It resets to 30 minutes default every new start.
  10. back_at_it_19

    Interior Sensor went off even when alarm system was disabled

    I also turn on a saved Sketch that says the dog is sage and the a/c is on… Reco from another member on this forum. Always remember to turn off the 30 minute car shutoff timer.
  11. back_at_it_19

    10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    Definitely talk to your dealer to prep a contract for you with $ down before year end. IRS has said that is evidence enough for the credit. I believe there’s a thread on the forum or ask a CPA for advice. My salesperson ad well aware and could’ve done it if necessary.
  12. back_at_it_19

    10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    She arrived 11/23! Good luck to those remaining. We now have his (grabbber blue job 1 ‘21 first edition) and hers (ruby red ‘22 x4). Happy Thanksgiving all!
  13. back_at_it_19

    10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    You’ll get it before then. And if not, sign a final contract with a down payment to get your 2022 tax credit before 12/31.
  14. back_at_it_19

    10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    Home charging is tons cheaper obviously. Yeah, without my 48amp L2, I’d be looking around a ton more for charging. Also look into irs tax credit, I think up to 1000-1500 for install and purchase of L2. Might expire this year (I don’t know). We got the credit couple years back.
  15. back_at_it_19

    10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    We’ve done a ton of trips about 250-300 miles with a Prem 4x one way. Fwiw driving 70 gets WAY better mileage than 75 which is WAY better than 80. Pre heating while plugged in saves quite a few miles. All heatboff while charging speeds up charging. Hard rain really drains it. Also we learned to...
  16. back_at_it_19

    10/03/22 Build Week Gang

    Ruby red is at the last train stop 20 miles away according to my dealer! Let’s go!