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  1. fayt349

    Why is the charge port door so awful?

    Every single other EV in this class has a mechanical or more sturdy charge port door. I went to a car wash and it opened my charge port door and I know how flimsy it is, it can probably just break off in the middle of the car wash. This isn’t the first time it’s happened either. Why does...
  2. fayt349

    Can you save two seat memory to one profile? If so, how?

    I have two sitting positions I like to switch off from sometimes. But I've never been able to figure out how to save both seats. Seat profile 1 is set to my personal profile, if I change the seat position and then hold down "2" to save it, it always completely switches entire profiles, not just...
  3. fayt349

    Does anyone know if this will work for the Mach-E? (Disable double HONK)

    This is my first Ford, never used Forscan before but I'm good with tech. Anyone try this?
  4. fayt349

    Replaced brake and "gas" pedal in the Mach-E

    I bought these metal looking covers from Amazon specifically made for the Mach-E. Wanted to try them out and see if they are any good. Here's the link if anyone is interested, as well as some photos.
  5. fayt349

    iPhone users: Do you still get notified of a new notification when on carplay?

    Hi, I'm pretty sure this is more of an apple issue than it is Ford. But I checked all iphone settings, and even compared with a friend using carplay on his BMW. Whenever i'm connected to carplay, my phone will NOT buzz, the screen won't light up, nothing. I have to manually check my screen to...
  6. fayt349

    Car keeps reverting to radio when turning car on

    Hey everyone, wondering if someone seen this issue or has a fix. I don't use the radio, I only use Bluetooth. Every time I start the car up, it is playing music from my phone then after a few seconds reverts to radio, then I have to change it back. It happens every single time I turn the car...
  7. fayt349

    It's been half a year, anyone thinking about selling their car? Or trading it in for a GT or other EV?

    Just curious to see the state of things. With the market how it is, you could probably sell or trade in the car without much of a loss at all. Just wanted to see if anyone is going this route. Maybe you want a different EV, maybe you like it so much you're going to sell it for the GT version...
  8. fayt349

    Ford power up 1.4.0 OTA received

    Just got this message in the app, however FordPass 3.26 isn’t on the AppStore yet. Is this the update that fixes PaaK?
  9. fayt349

    Tesla confirms plans to open up super charger network to other automakers
  10. fayt349

    The IONIC 5 will be able to have a home outlet using a charger adapter.

    I was watching this youtube video: And at 6:20 he shows Hyundai will be shipping an adapter that plugs into the charge port of the car and can become an outlet. I would like Ford to confirm if either we can use this adapter for ourselves or if Ford will be making one as well. This is game...
  11. fayt349

    So is the mach e a crossover or an SUV?

    The only thing I miss from my Tesla Model 3 was that it was a compact car. I've always been a compact car person throughout my life, I just like the feel a lot more and way easier to park if I go to San francisco. BUT, I looked up the dimensions comparing the mach e to the model 3, and the...
  12. fayt349

    Infinite Blue Mach E - Installed vinyl grill wrap and hood stripes

    Behold my Mach E. Infinite blue premium extended range rear wheel drive. I added a vinyl grille, stripes, full ceramic coating, and painted the brake calipers red so I can pretend it's a first edition. I got more professional photos taken and was going to upload those but the guy is taking...
  13. fayt349

    If you guys leave the car on and walk away, is it honking twice at you?

    Sometimes I just need to step out of the car to grab something really quick, anytime I leave the car on to do this, it honks twice super loud. Regardless if I leave the keys in or take it with me. I was actually hoping to be able to keep the car on and locked while walking away so I wouldn't...
  14. fayt349

    Anyone willing to help the expansion of after market mods?
  15. fayt349

    Is it ok to leave the car on when leaving it for a bit?

    Let's say you're getting out of the car just to drop something off at the post office. Do I have to turn off the car and then leave to lock it while i'm gone for like 5 minutes? Or can I just leave the car on, exit the vehicle, LOCK the doors so no one goes in, and then go about my 5 minute...
  16. fayt349

    Is anyone purchasing the official stripes from Ford?

    Has anyone purchased these? I'd like to see it on someone elses car before I buy them on mine :p
  17. fayt349

    Do you prefer use Apple carplay / Android Auto or the built in bluetooth?

    I used only apple carplay, but I think I'm actually starting to like the built in bluetooth for phone functions now. Mainly because the little shortcut "cards" on the bottom, they have buttons for forward and back for the phone music, while carplay does not. This means I can use the built in...
  18. fayt349

    There has to be a power gauge added in the cluster display

    Check out this photo from the Audi E-tron: There has to be something like this added for us, we don't have any "RPM" info at all on the display! Even the Model 3 and Y have that bar that goes green or black. Who else things we need something similar?
  19. fayt349

    Can anyone just unplug your car when charging?

    I can't find anything in the manual. But in Teslas, you can't pull the cable out if the car is locked. How does it work with the Mache? For both home charging and fast charging, if the car is locked can anyone just come and pull the cable out?
  20. fayt349

    Ford pass app suddenly not responding. Server / Cloud down?

    My ford pass app suddenly said my car had 0% charge with 0 miles and it wouldn't change. I closed the app and opened it again, and now it's prompting me to accept ford pass app terms, but if I click it, it just says ford pass is not responding. Anyone else having issues right now? It looks...