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  1. 2 A**holes go to the town lot...

    While I did not get to see the pic, I tend to agree it is rude to use the EV charging spots inappropriately. I often see non-EVs parked in those spots for up to an hour while my EV charged - and I mean often. Sure there are signs saying EV charging, only, but without any type of reinforcement...
  2. Panhandlers (LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS 🔐)

    Ha ha, reminds me of when I got my Mach (dealer said I was the first in my state to get it). Anyway, a pan handler stopped asking other drivers for money and literally walked around my Mach and inspected as much as he could before the lights changed—never asked for a dime, lol.
  3. Ford Please Fix These Problems: Out of Spec Kyle

    Gonna have you summarize all my boring lecture notes from now on!
  4. Rear cargo cover sucks :(

    Put it in the trash where it belongs. Mine lasted one year before the flapping and eventual tearing. It's literally useless.
  5. We Will Never Buy a Ford Again...Nor should you!

    Hoping you've gotten some resolution by now, but I remember when my mach was at the dealership for one month one and one day while I paid with no loaner because they were all out; I had them credit me that monthly payment, my uber... and even my bus fare. There is recourse, don't give up!
  6. Dear Ford, get your act together…

    Yes. And now my Spotify keep skipping relentlessly. Worked great before
  7. Ford sets 5 new requirements for EV dealers, including remote delivery, fast chargers & non-negotiable pricing

    Been saying some of these things to Ford in every. single. survey I have sent them. Even any email THEY initiated. It's about time!
  8. Get prepared for monthly charges for everything

    Sounds more like car owners are leasing their own vehicles than anything else. No thanks

    Thanks, I had the Rexing installed and kept getting the electrical drain message so I finally Uninstaller it. I thought the Ford cam would be better but everything seems like a drain. Thanks

    Does anyone have the Dashcam Rear Facing Camera Bundle Ford is selling on their site and if yes, how is it? Thanks
  11. dealer refusal to perform recall service

    I am having this same issue. The dealer I purchased by car from has given me the run around, others I've called said go back to the dealer I purchased from. Is this for real. Can't be serious. Needs better system for handling these recalls.