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  1. joebruin77

    Paint & Imperfections

    We have had my wife’s Grabber Blue GTPE for over a year and I see zero imperfections in the paint. The car was delivered with the paint in flawless condition from the factory. I’m also OCD about keeping my car clean and swirl free. When the car was delivered, Itold the dealer NOT to wash the...
  2. joebruin77

    On the fly EVSE output adjustable? Anyone seen one?

    Not sure if this is what you are looking for or is helpful, but I have a Juicebox. The Enel X app that I use to control the Juicebox does allow me to adjust the amp level I am charging at. I routinely adjust the amp level quickly and easily by logging into the app.
  3. joebruin77

    Do the welcome lights only work at night?

    I experienced the same thing when I first got my MME a year ago and it can be a bit frustrating. I contributed to some posts about the same question. You can try searching for them. Here are a couple things I learned about increasing the odds that the welcome lights, including the "magic...
  4. joebruin77

    Would you go all electric vehicles? What would be your other EV?

    We have been fully electric for over a year and love it. Here are 2 additional thoughts: 1)I remember reading articles about the deep freeze in Texas a year or two ago. Contrary to expectations, the EV’s were a clear advantage in that emergency situation. Several people with Teslas survived...
  5. joebruin77

    Tire Walls Turning Brown - Suggestions for Cleaning?

    Here is a helpful thread on Autogeek Online, a forum for professional detailer and enthusiasts, in which they discuss and compare different tire cleaners. I personally use and recommend Mckee’s37 Tire and Rubber Rejuvenator. if your tires are very brown, you might need to clean and scrub them...
  6. joebruin77

    Piano Black door pillar stained from greasy sunscreen.

    The key to cleaning sunscreen stains is to use a degreaser. A household cleaner/degreaser such as 409 spray should do the trick.
  7. joebruin77

    Product for deep cleaning the seats?

    In addition to using a stem cleaner/extraction tool, you would likely see the most improvement with an ozone generator machine. Most professional detailer will use an ozone generator for exactly this type of situation. For a stronger interior cleaning spray, I use Optimum Power Clean diluted 3...
  8. joebruin77

    Car idle for 3 weeks. What charging status to leave the car in?

    You can check out the "Preserving Your High Voltage Battery" section of the Owner's Manual. The Owners Manual says: "Storage State of Charge You can increase the battery life by maintaining the state of charge below 100%. When you park your vehicle for an extended period of 30 days or more...
  9. joebruin77

    Puddle lights

    I ran into this same issue when I first took delivery of my MME and posted here on this forum about it back in July or August of 2022. IMO, there are two main factors that affect whether or not the "magical ponies" come out: 1) Because the ponies come on when you approach the car, it is...
  10. joebruin77

    Wax on/Wax off

    I am pretty sure this advice is outdated, at least as it applies to a brand new car. Modern car paint and painting processes result in the paint being fully cured when it leaves the factory. So if you want, you can apply a wax or sealant to your new MME the same day you take delivery. Here is a...
  11. joebruin77

    Car shampoos brands

    To answer your question, Meguiars Gold Class Car Shampoo is a fine choice and I believe it will not degrade your sealant. When researching car shampoos, try google searching their pH level. If your goal is to clean the car without degrading a sealant or wax, then you want a pH neutral shampoo...
  12. joebruin77

    Wax on/Wax off

    The lack of water beading is an indication that your paint is not protected. While you don't have to drop everything and take care of it immediately, your paint will be harder to clean and more suspectable to bird bombs and other contaminants. I personally would wash the car, decontaminate the...
  13. joebruin77

    Prepping for a new coat of ceramic spray

    TEC CDS cleans well. I don’t use ONR as a detailer so I can’t compare them directly on cleaning ability as a detailer. I use ONR a lot but mainly for rinseless washes. It is the original rinseless wash and one of the best on the market.
  14. joebruin77

    Prepping for a new coat of ceramic spray

    The big advantage of ONR as a quick detailer over TEC CDS is cost per use. Because you dilute the ONR at the ratio of 16 ounces of water to 1 ounce of ONR, that means the cost per 16 ounce bottle of ONR detailer solution is approximately 35 cents per bottle. By comparison, if you buy a $40...
  15. joebruin77

    Prepping for a new coat of ceramic spray

    Glad you liked using Xtreme Solutons Topper. Since I like using a drying aid after every wash, I tried over a dozen ceramic detailers and toppers on the market. Xtreme Solutions Topper is my absolute favorite as it checks all the boxes: 1) It feels super slick 2) It definitely pumps up the...
  16. joebruin77

    What brand of detailing products do you use on your Mach E and why?

    Although you can get some good information off the internet and from Youtube review videos, you have to be really aware of the credibility of the source. For example, there are some very slick websites that look like legitimate reviews, but they are in fact paid advertisements, sorta like...
  17. joebruin77

    Prepping for a new coat of ceramic spray

    You really don't need to apply two coats of Gyeon Cancoat Evo. But if you apply it outside and there is a chance of any rain or dew landing on the coating within the first 24 hours, Gyeon recommends applying a coat of Gyeon Cure 1 hour after applying the Cancoat to protect it from water spots.
  18. joebruin77

    Prepping for a new coat of ceramic spray

    That's a good question. I know the instructions for the Turtle Wax HS Ceramic Spray say to wait 24 hours if you are applying a second coat. So the question is, how to remove any light dust that may be on the car before the second application. I would consider two options to get rid of the light...
  19. joebruin77

    Prepping for a new coat of ceramic spray

    Because the ceramic spray will adhere best to clean, bare paint, you do not want to use a drying aid that will leave anything behind on the paint, such as waxes, sealants, or gloss enhancers. Some people might suggest you just dry the car without a drying aid. But personally I think the...
  20. joebruin77

    Prepping for a new coat of ceramic spray

    Hello, my friend. The answer to your question really depends on the condition of the paint. If you typically wash your car on a weekly basis and keep it in a garage, there is a good chance the paint is in pretty decent shape and you probably don't need to do too much. But if it is kept...