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  1. Con-Plates Review - I Got Conned

    I ordered my Con-Plates Interior License Plate Holder from the dealer directly about three weeks ago. The reviews were mixed but I wanted an alternative to drilling holes into my Mustang Mach E 2022. I was lucky enough to pick it up from the dealership before they drilled any and I was not about...
  2. Best way to display license plate in 2023

    I was lucky enough to not have holes drilled it into the body of my vehicle and I would like to keep it that way. I've been dealing with constant beeps saying I'm about to hit something from the Sto N Show and today I ripped it off. I tried one other that I also ripped off in the past. I was...
  3. Lane Keeping Lines Missing

    I just noticed it today. I got my windshield replaced on Tuesday. On the display above my wheel, where it shows the little Mach E, the lines that normally show to the left and right of the Mach E are now missing along with the functionality. Is there something I can do to restore them or is...
  4. Seat Blemish

    Took my Mach E into the local Ford Dealership for a new windshield. They abused her. There was mud everywhere with boot tracks everywhere too! I detailed it myself and got her looking really good again. However, I noticed they scratched the plastic really good. Is there anything I can do to...
  5. Windshield Wiper Upgrades

    I remember there being a thread about a year ago about upgrading wipers. What is the consensus on the best upgrades I can purchase, front and back, for my Mach E?
  6. Possibly Facing Eviction; Advice Needed

    I need help. I have already consulted a local attorney but I am still anxious about the situation. I moved into my apartment complex earlier this year, three months there about, and was told that the plugs in the garage unit were mine to utilize. I pay an additional charge of $125 dollars a...
  7. Lights on after shut off

    Is there a setting to turn off the lights when they are set to auto after the Mach-E power button has but turned off? Presently, they stay on for 10-15 minutes after the car is off and I get 10 text each morning from people on base telling me my lights are on still.
  8. Making it a smoother ride

    I am the first to admit that I know nothing. It needs to be dumbed down for me. What can I do to fix the bumps? New struts? Shocks? Sway bar? All of it? I want to hit a pot hole and not feel a thing. With that being said, is the community waiting on a particular company to come out with a...
  9. Visor Sticker Removal - DIY Instructions

    It was a pretty easy process. I first rotated the visor so it's in line with the door trim. I proceeded to use a trim removal tool. You need to be careful and just target the edge because the edge is right next to another part that is not able to be removed without twisting which will come...
  10. Disable Startup Popup Message (for diagnostics and tracking)?

    There is a popup that happens when I start my car... something about diagnostics and tracking. It says something about it being disabled somewhere in settings. WHERE?! Can someone help me out and tell me how to find this setting and disable it?
  11. Any Audiophiles Here? What are your settings?

    Speaking about stock speakers here, what are your audio settings?
  12. In Cabin Air Circulation Auto Disables

    I want to keep this on 24/7 due the number of trucks I have to drive by. But it keeps on turning off after 10-15 minutes. How can I keep it on? I have never owned a vehicle that has had this issue before.
  13. Sto N Sho vs. Craig's Custom Mustang Brackets Review

    I have had and used both. Gave both more than a fair chance. This is my review. Let's go! I started out with the Sto N Sho. It was a more prevalent name in my searches so I thought that it was going to be the clear winner and suit my needs right off the bat. The first one I received, and I...
  14. Sto-N-Sho Alternatives

    Is there any? I am not a fan of mine. I get false sensor readings regularly. It shifts 1mm because of a bump or wind, it goes off every full stop or creep forward. I have been sent three replacements already and I just bent the f out of one. I am going to take this as a sign I need to research...
  15. Slow Responding Sensors

    Anyone else have slow af responding sensors? I was CREEPING into a stall waiting for the sensors to go off and then I feel and hear the grind. ONLY THEN did I hear the sensors finally go off. This is the first time it happened but now I feel like I cannot trust them. Thankfully, the grind I felt...
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    Nothing to see here.
  17. Charging Woes

    I made a post a week or two ago about needing help with charging. Since then I have brushed up a bit on some basics. I have since upgraded to a 30 amp breaker and my car is charging soooo much better than my 10 amp breaker. I do not even need a 50 amp. My living situation is about to change. I...
  18. Setup a stop at charge %

    If I want to stop charging at 90% automatically, how is this accomplished?
  19. Sto-N-Sho Woes

    I tried to mount it but the bracket that holds the LP touches the bumper. I am afraid that it is going to hurt the paint job. All of the pictures I have seen online show at least a little gap. I think mine is a inch shorter than everyone else's. Anyone else have this issue? What alternatives do...
  20. Charging at home

    I need help! I am using the charger that came with the Mach E and doing the regular plug one. It's not charging. Here is a screenshot of my Ford app.