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  1. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Rear Ended

  2. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    “Turn motion sensor off?” bug update?

    Every OTA that and the clock reset to factory. "Do you want to turn off motion detect?" No dumbass it was set to no before you OTA'd it... "Check rear seat". Sigh, turn that off again, only two of us ever in the car and 17:00 in the afternoon is now 5pm. went to settings and it has the 24...
  3. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Thief got into car but PAAK should have locked car.

    PAAK = CRAAP /Always be FOB'in
  4. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    MD HOV sticker

    I found a sheet of HOV Sized PPF stickers. (Amazon) Stick the HOV Sticker to the PPF, wet the back and put it on your bumper/where it belongs. Mine has been on for 2 years with no issues.
  5. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Drive Mode Unavailable?

    Yeah, I get it from time to time. I use Unbridled 100% of the time and I'll be tooling down the freeway and all of a sudden, the car 'keeps going' when I lift the go pedal... It's not supposed to do that. And I'll see it says Drive Mode Unavailable. Open the config panel and sure enough, no...
  6. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    My Revelation 9-12-23, Steering Wheel Shimmy

    You know people spit into whistles right?
  7. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Ford, BMW, Honda to Create ChargeScape, a Company Focused On Optimizing Electric Vehicle Grid Services

    I'd like to know why this came up as an 'Alert' on my title bar? I've been here ~2 years and only get mail/reaction alerts. I don't need "New Story" alerts I didn't turn it on...
  8. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Charging door should open differently

    There are a couple of 3d DIY or purchase door extend-preventers out there
  9. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Ford tracking device offer

    ) ) ) /probably
  10. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Updated Sync 4A Icons are Coming!

    Yeah, I'm using an iPhone 13 Pro and soon an iPhone 15 Pro (depending on what the dean gets so we are the same so I can help when he's having issues) I found the steps here somewhere on how to do the iPhone, but don't know about Android.
  11. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Updated Sync 4A Icons are Coming!

    Are you talking about the guys face? You know you can change that right?
  12. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Ford BlueCruise 1.3 is coming soon

    Yeah, the last update wiped all my SiriusXM stations to default. I hate ford's OTA process. They Zero everything out instead of saving and only updating what's changed. /my clock *said 24hrs, but the actual display shows 3:00 PM. had to toggle 24 off/on to 'wake it up'
  13. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Mach E Chinese Center Console

    Can't help you there. he can go to the ford place and ask them I suppose, but I'm not sure any logistics. Where's the nearest ford from him, can he order online, what's this thing gonna cost, how big is it and will I be able to bring it back with me, will it fit in a US car? /questions...
  14. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Recall Letter: 2 Items Affected

    Those are flags to let you know which dealers in your area are @$$3$
  15. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Mach E Chinese Center Console

    Give me a part number and I'll ask my brother-in-law. I'll be in China end of Sept.
  16. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Frunk Button in FordPass YAY! My Job 1 Mach-E is Complete!!!!

    now send your VIN to the VIN thread and let them check to see if they *really* did do *all* the updates...
  17. 2021-MMEx-RT1

    Secondary Hidden VIN

    There's stickers every where Look at the bottom of the door for example. The manufactures placard also has it The Trunk/Frunk lids have them.. Someone here painstakingly removed all those stickers so only the windshield one was left.