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  1. RKinWA

    Big step in getting rid of range anxiety

    So I took a drive from Lynnwood to Vancouver, WA today to visit friends and show off my MME. Both he and his wife fell in love with it and both loved the color, and by the time I left the wife said "I think we might be getting one!" to which the husband said "I want one too!" 🤣 Going down I...
  2. RKinWA

    Great Efficiency and scared a woman to death 🤣

    Took a drive up north, decided to go the back route, such a great drive. I stopped in a small town for lunch. When I came out there was an old woman standing between my vehicle and the one next to me talking to the driver of the other vehicle. I started up and started pulling out, she nearly...
  3. RKinWA

    This MME is not a chick magnet

    But if I was trying to pick up guys over 60, this is the vehicle to have! If there’s an old man within 10 feet, they’re gawking, and if I stop, they’re flocking and then talking, and asking every question imaginable (hey, it’s how I ended up with mine in the first place! 🤣) Just got back from...
  4. RKinWA

    Connecting to Home Network (not staying connected)

    So I successfully connected my MME to my home network, but after a couple minutes it disconnects. My router is about 10' from the garage, and I even tried leaving the door open in case the door was obstructing the connection. So my question is; is the MME supposed to stay connected to WiFi...
  5. RKinWA

    That's not a Mustang

    So I was at the store today and some old guy was admiring my MME. When came out he asked, "What is this, is that a palomino?" I said, "No, it's a Mustang Mach-e" he said, "That's not a Mustang, must be a palomino" I said, "I'm not getting into the Mustang debate, I didn't name it, the people...
  6. RKinWA

    Left a Charger in the dust

    I had no intention of racing, never do. I was in a 2 lane onramp to a highway, the guy in the lane next to me was in a Charger R/T with a Hemi. The light turned green we both got onto the ramp, then I heard his engine roar as he started moving forward, so I stepped on my accelerator and went by...
  7. RKinWA

    Finally got my first update!

    I bought a new '22 GTPE that was sitting on the lot for 6 months. It had not had any updates at all when I picked it up. When I bought it, I setup an appointment for service to do updates, but people here said to be patient, OTA would come, so I cancelled my appointment and decided to wait. It's...
  8. RKinWA

    Just Got MME back from the detailer for window tints, PPF, ceramic coating

    Decided to get the front windows tinted same as back. PPF on full front. Ceramic coating the entire rest of the vehicle. Looks great. Feels good to have the protection.
  9. RKinWA

    Slowly getting used to 1 pedal drive

    So I've had my MME 4 months now. I've tried 1PD on and off but usually just turn it back off, but am learning in traffic it's very useful, and I have slowly come around to appreciating it more and more. Two things I wish; 1) that there was a 1PD button like lane assist that could be easily...
  10. RKinWA

    Connected Services Issue - Ford came through

    So I bought my new 22 GTPE on Friday, this is my second Mach-e, and after activating in Fordpass, everything 'seemed' fine, until Saturday when I took a mini road trip. I noticed that while BlueCruise said it was active, hands free mode wasn't working (on the same roads they did on the previous...
  11. RKinWA

    22 GTPE Lower Insurance

    Just switched my insurance from my 21 GT to the 22 GTPE and it dropped $130 every 6 months. Weird, but nice. Wonder what makes the difference.
  12. RKinWA

    First GTPE Trip After Upgrading From GT

    When I got my 21 GT I went on a few mini road trips, so naturally now that I have the GTPE I decided to go on the same trips to see how it compares. The one I went on yesterday was over the mountains (Stevens Pass) to Leavenworth, WA and back. With the GT I started at 100%, had 60% when I...
  13. RKinWA

    Traded my used 21 GT for a new 22 GTPE

    Couldn't pass up the deal on a new 22 GTPE, 9k below MSRP, high KBB trade, plus 5K off in rebates. Only 135 miles. Fell in love with the Space White Metallic.
  14. RKinWA

    MagneRide Wow, would be totally worth it!

    So since I bought my used 21 GT I have been thinking about the PE for the MagneRide. So today I found out my dealership had one on the lot, so I went down to check it out. I've been wanting to see how the seats feel and try the ride. The seats are surprisingly comfortable, and the ride, compared...
  15. RKinWA

    I guess sometimes a problem isn't a problem

    This is not an issue, but rather a resolution to an issue I thought I just had, plus I'm bored and wanted to share. So for months I have enjoyed the welcome glow of the puddle lights when I go out into my garage in the morning. Last week there was an update, and ever since that update I have...
  16. RKinWA

    PAAK Issues after 21B36

    I've been wrestling with getting PAAK working since I got my vehicle. Sometimes it's connected, most times it isn't. Seems like after yesterday's 21B36 update is has consistently decided to no longer work at all. I always carry my FOB, and since PAAK is so unreliable, I've gotten used to just...
  17. RKinWA

    Charging Math Question

    So I notice on my Electrify America summary, it shows the energy delivered, and ending state of charge, but it doesn't show starting state of charge. Is there any way to derive that number from the info provided?
  18. RKinWA

    4.2.6 Am I imagining things?

    OK I am fully ready for the "what an idiot" comments, but I went driving around in my usual areas after the 4.2.6 update and I could swear it is driving smoother, and less bouncy, and I can very much notice a difference between Whisper and Unbridled mode in how it feels (the handling, not the...
  19. RKinWA

    Cruise Contol gone after 4.2.6 update

    I use cruise control all the time. Just updated to 4.2.6 today and now the cruise control button does nothing. I reset sync 4 several times and toggled the cruise control setting still nothing. It's like I'm not even hitting the button. Anyone else have this new issue?
  20. RKinWA

    MME Flocking together

    I went to lunch and where I parked nobody was around, when I came out of lunch, a red MME had parked next to me. Wish I could have chatted with them 🤣