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  1. TheVirtualTim

    Clear a key-fob?

    A couple of weeks ago, my '21 FE lost it's brain and refused to recognize PaaK. Fortunately I was at home so I just needed to grab a key-fob. In this scenario, FordPass showed my PaaK was configured, but the car wouldn't recognize it. Since the car refused to recognize PaaK ... it ALSO...
  2. TheVirtualTim

    Need high-quality close-up photo of lower-trim piece please

    The lower trim piece on my '23 GT Performance was damaged. The body shop ordered a replacement and when it arrived, they said Ford docs don't specify the color. They asked me to bring my car by so they could inspect it to make sure they had the correct black color (they needed to know if it...
  3. TheVirtualTim

    '23 Build Week 10/31/2022

    Nevermind ... I see there was already a thread for 2023 cars. Doesn't look like I can delete this but ... I'm sure a moderator will be along shortly to make this disappear. I just got my VIN and build-week assignment. This is a model year 2023 car. Ordered: Aug 30, 2022 (first day of '23...
  4. TheVirtualTim


    Today while driving through downtown Dearborn, I saw another Mach-E ... but what caught my eye was the badging. On the rear lift-gate it had the pony badge ... and just below the pony, another badge labeled "Mach-E". I thought the owner had a custom badge made ... until I noticed it had...
  5. TheVirtualTim

    Met the Ford team today + charging tips from Donna Dickson (Mach-E Chief Engineer)

    I got to meet some of the folks behind the @Ford Motor Company today ... a really cool experience. Also, I got to see one of these in person for the first time -- surprising because living in Dearborn I'm really surprised I haven't seen one on the roads around town (I saw several Mach-E's...
  6. TheVirtualTim

    Thoughts on the price of gas

    My "other" car is an '09 Ford Escape Hybrid. I filled up the other day for $3.89/gallon ... but most stations around here were over $4 (currently most stations are around $4.29 and I saw one station at $4.49). So I was checking out the data at and I made this chart: You can see...
  7. TheVirtualTim

    Auto-locking/un-locking coming to Ford Connected Charge Station

    I'm in the Early Access Program and was invited to use a new feature coming to the Ford Connection Charge Station (FCCS). This will mostly be of interest to those who have their charge station located outside -- especially if it in an area where it might be accessible to others. The FCCS has...
  8. TheVirtualTim

    Road Tripping report and LOVING the SYNC 4A navigation system!

    For the holidays @AEtherScythe and I are headed to Florida (from Michigan). We were *supposed* to go to Washington DC (Lorton, VA - about 500 miles for us) and board the Amtrak AutoTrain. When were were nearly there, the phone rang and an Amtrak robo-call announced that our train had been...
  9. TheVirtualTim

    After CSP 21P22 install ... check your charging settings

    I just had the dealer install the 21P22 updates. When I got home and connected the charger, I noticed the car started charging (it shouldn't charge until off-peak rates kick in at 11pm). I checked FordPass and it reset my charge settings. It was planning to charge to 100%. I had to...
  10. TheVirtualTim

    "Winter is coming"

    We had snow yesterday with temps in the low 30°F's. @AEtherScythe and I had to drive down to his parents house for his brother's birthday. When we left the house it was a steady snowfall and 32°F. I'm driving and the snow seems to be melting as soon as it hits any surfaces ... so the roads...
  11. TheVirtualTim

    Stopping a charge at EA (or any DC Fast Charge station)

    I've worked out how to do quite a few things with the car and learned a lot of tips & tricks ... but there is one that still eludes me. When I'm at Electrify America ... if I use the screen on the EA charge station to "stop" the the charge (e.g. once I reach 80%) I get a charge fault error in...
  12. TheVirtualTim

    3.29.1 FordPass just released

    The "What's new" says Includes updates to prevent some reported issues related to being stuck on the loading page and unable to open the app.
  13. TheVirtualTim

    "Car Scanner" (OBD software) now supports Mach-E

    I bought an OBD adapter (in my case it was the OBDLink MX+ Bluetooth interface) and I've tried different apps with it. My adapter comes with OBDLink software ... but that doesn't have direct support for the Mach-E. I also tried FORScan ... which also doesn't have direct support yet for Mach-E...
  14. TheVirtualTim

    Did I get someone else's Ford Pass message?

    Today at 1:15p Eastern I got a message in the Ford Pass app: Desired charge level will not be reached Mach-E will only reach 89% by your Departure Time, as there is not enough time to charge. But... I don't have any scheduled departures. I have the car configured to limit charging to 80% and...
  15. TheVirtualTim

    FordPass app updated today on iOS (v3.16.0) and Android

    This update introduced some new capabilities to "My Journeys" but it also fixes some bugs. I noticed straight away that if fixed the Ford Pass Apple Watch app: Instead of the animated "Refresh" screen... I now see this on my watch: YES!!! :p
  16. TheVirtualTim

    Ford Pass on Apple Watch

    Apparently I'm not alone... But at least it's a generic Ford Pass bug and nothing specific to the Mach-E. Hopefully it gets Ford's attention and they get a software update -- or instructions on how to fix it -- soon.
  17. TheVirtualTim

    Lots of bugs... (activation & connected services fails)

    @Ford Team I love the new car, but I'm experiencing quite a few software issues with the & Ford Pass software. The software seems pretty clunky. Activation was failing... even two hours later the car wouldn't activate (message on phone says "Activation Pending" but never goes away...
  18. TheVirtualTim

    Ford Connected Charge Station installation - DIY instructions writeup

    Now that I've done the install once (it took 3 hours), I could install one much faster. Note that part of my "install" was carpentry work to trim out the wall panel where I planned to install it. You will need: A Torx T6 bit screwdriver (very tiny) for the clamps that hold the charging cable...
  19. TheVirtualTim

    Good News & Bad News

    So first the good news: My car was delivered to the dealer this afternoon! (yay!) Now the bad news: There is damage to the car. :eek: The black trim on the front has been scraped up. The dealer was watching the car get unloaded and noticed it (so it's the responsibility of the trucking...
  20. TheVirtualTim

    Rapid Red First Edition: Almost here!

    My dealer contacted me this afternoon. They don't have the car ... yet. BUT... it has been unloaded from the train at a depot only about 3 miles from the dealer. It arrived at the depot at 9:35am this morning. They are waiting for it to arrive at the dealer. He did warn me that sometimes...