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  1. How do you see battery capacity/loss of capacity?

    Since we're here...............can someone recommend an inexpensive OBD scanner that will get me this info? Thanks
  2. How do you see battery capacity/loss of capacity?

    Thanks...............I'm not concerned, just curious. Plan on keeping this car well past 100xxx so I will have it checked before the warranty on that part expires
  3. How do you see battery capacity/loss of capacity?

    I'm not worried, more just curious. My 2021 PremiumX4 has 66xxx miles on it and was wondering about it's degradation. My seat of the pants guesstimating from watching mileage on the app when it reaches 90% charge (my normal daily charge) seems to be pretty much what it has always been depending...
  4. what would it take for you to buy a gasoline car next?

    We have a goose neck horse trailer and use an F150 to pull it. That's the only reason we have a gas truck at this time. Our situation may change in the next 3-5 years. If we didn't need that there's no reason to buy another. If/when we get to a point where we can live with 1 car it will be an...
  5. Mach-E online ordering direct vs dealership

    I haven't had a Ford dealer that I really enjoyed dealing with in ages. I would prefer ordering online and having it delivered to my driveway. The best dealer experience I've had was with BMW, 2 different ones actually. A recent bad experience was with a Nissan dealer. Was helping my sone with...
  6. How long do you plan to keep your Mach-E?

    Another 3yrs more or less. I'm north of 62xxx at this point so I'm sure I'll see 100xxx+ before I move on
  7. 80MPH Speed Limit Sign detected?!?

    My car did that. I kind of expected it tho................ I saw the 30mph sign, had cruise set at the time, the sign had a shadow across it that made the 3 appear to be an 8. I thought, surely it won't see that as 80. Well, it did :eek: fortunately I anticipated this and touched the brake...
  8. Electrify America "maximum power has been reduced"

    Used an EA location yesterday.......1 would only give me 34kw so I moved and that one only gave me 70. Fortunately I did not need much to complete my drive, but still....
  9. Blue cruise getting worse

    Mine has started giving error messages and telling to resume control when I already have my hands on the wheel. It cuts off and then back on. it was fine before and these pop up messages started around the time 4.2.6 loaded, give or take
  10. New PaaK Survey

    I LOVE PAAK. It works for me. Yes, occasionally I get a No Key message but the car is running and I'm driving so clearly it's an error message. I want to keep my PAAK
  11. Need a breaker brand recommendation

    It is
  12. Need a breaker brand recommendation

    All good points. I'll check all of that before I do anything.
  13. Need a breaker brand recommendation

    I've been using the same 50amp outlet with the same no name 50amp breaker for a long time now. Lately the breaker is tripping when the car charges for an extended period of time say from will trip somewhere in there before I get to 90%. A 15-20% charge is typically fine. I believe...
  14. "Drive mode unavailable"

    Yes, it has been happening to me recently. I use Unbridled. I hit the OK button and then a few minutes later go in the menu and select Unbridled again and go on with life. I have no idea why it does this 🤷‍♂️
  15. Take Note Ford - Porsche Ensures Current Customer Satisfaction

    Clueless? Perhaps willful ignorance
  16. Texans could pay $200 annual fee to drive electric vehicles

    $100 in TN but that may change soon
  17. Motorcycles

    I test rode the Harley LiveWire back in......Oh, hell..........2016? Anyway that thing was a rocket. Loved it. Then the listed a price tag of close to $30g and a range of 100 miles or something close. While it was fun, it is not practical for me and where I live. Too rural, would be a great...
  18. Remote Started, and it didn't switch to Guest Profile

    Seldom use remote start. When I have it would default to guest. That aggravated me. A few days ago my wife remote started the car to warm it up on a frosty morning. When I got in I expected guest profile.........but was on mine. So if this I now the norm, then I am happy and may use it...
  19. Hallelujah! Ford offers 2nd key FOB!

    Got the letter yesterday. Got my second FOB a few weeks ago. Identical to my original, save for the sticker
  20. Can I lock my key fob in the car at times I don't want to carry it and use the door key pad to get in?

    I do keep a FOB in a faraday pouch incase of a PAAK failure. It's also handy for service calls since I don't have to remember to grab it, it's already there.