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  1. DaMeatMan

    Mustang Mach-E Rally Edition! Priced ~$65K, 480hp, 650lb-ft, raised 20mm, Rally Sport Mode, ordering open early 2024

    Pretty cool, but I see nothing mentioned about an upgraded cooling solution, so is this thing going to suffer from the same heat management issues that lead to the 5 second power limit before throttling down in todays vehicles? Even if they were to be a bit more generous with that limit from a...
  2. DaMeatMan

    Canadian Magic Docks

    It looks like Tesla has (officially) now opened the super charger network to non-tesla EV's, and now (everyone) should be able to see the option to charge their non-tesla in the Tesla app. I can confirm I now see this as well, and I was one of many folks on this thread who had an account on the...
  3. DaMeatMan

    ‘I had a hard time getting your hub cap on’

    Wow... can't believe that's what was actually delivered after service, and expected that you would actually drive on that??
  4. DaMeatMan

    Canadian Magic Docks

    I really can't understand why Tesla only allows people to charge "non-Tesla" vehicles if they own a Tesla vehicle. Where is the logic in that!???
  5. DaMeatMan

    Canadian Magic Docks

    There are no such options, see video below.
  6. DaMeatMan

    Canadian Magic Docks

    I also have the app and account created with credit card # added, and there has never been any charging options listed. Just links to buy Tesla products. I've had the app installed since magic dock was announced for the US, and have never seen the option.
  7. DaMeatMan

    Updated Sync 4A Icons are Coming!

    Better late than never I guess! 😆 Such a basic function with such a huge impact to the default charge behavior, and it just boggles my mind that it's taken this long to change. As it stands today, a brand new customer that does not care to tinker with settings will have their vehicle charged...
  8. DaMeatMan

    NHTSA investigating 2022 Mach-E HVBJB recall (high voltage battery main contactors)

    That's an entirely different animal your talking about. The 5 second limit is essentially Ford acknowledging the fact that the designed cooling solution is entirely inadequate. With the onboard cooling we are talking about a whole bunch of different components that would be affected like the...
  9. DaMeatMan

    NHTSA investigating 2022 Mach-E HVBJB recall (high voltage battery main contactors)

    The battery limits are one thing and i totally get that, particularly when protecting cycle life longevity, but if you read about the failure modes listed in the complaints being investigated by NHTSA, you'll see that the HVBJB can and (has failed during DC fast charging). Bottom line, if DC...
  10. DaMeatMan

    NHTSA investigating 2022 Mach-E HVBJB recall (high voltage battery main contactors)

    I for one am actually quite pleased to hear of this, because this is the one aspect of the vehicles reliability that really bothers me. Of all the issues and recalls, with the Mach-E, this is the only one that actually concerns me. And as a Canadian who spent $83k (all in) on a "high end...
  11. DaMeatMan

    Reduced power after updates???

    I'm talking about middle of the day in 25c weather (77f). I have been driving this vehicle for over 2 years, and yes I'm well aware of temperature impact on battery performance, but here where I live we're still in the midst of summer temps, and I'm not just basing it on one day of driving. I'm...
  12. DaMeatMan

    Reduced power after updates???

    Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like your Mach-E has less power after recent OTA updates? I don't have any measurable data to go by here and my observations are purely anecdotal, but my Premium AWD suddenly feels like it has less power and the only thing that's changed is a sudden flury...
  13. DaMeatMan

    ABRP 4.5.0. gets a major upgrade

    I really wish that the ABRP or Plugshare interface on Android Auto allowed you to just view the map with all chargers, and then just click one of the charger locations and give you an option to navigate to that location like you can when using the app on your mobile device. Instead Android Auto...
  14. DaMeatMan

    Tesla suppresses thousands of driving range complaints

    Reuters put out an interesting article about Tesla has created a "secret team" whose sole job function is to cancel service requests by customers who are complaining about not getting the stated range shown on the dash. Link to article...
  15. DaMeatMan

    Why is the wireless charging so bad?

    It's likely that you notice your phone heat up on the wireless charge pad in the car because (a) you are likely also using Android Auto or Carplay, which is demanding on the phones CPU, and (b) are also charging wirelessly at a fairly high rate of charge, which may also heat the phone. To...
  16. DaMeatMan

    Alexa, give me directions to...

    I find the built-in navigation pretty much usless for anything other than emergency use. Google Maps or Apple maps will always be superior in every single way. I wish auto manufacturers would stop mucking around trying to reinvent the wheel, and just give folks what they are already comfortable...
  17. DaMeatMan

    Always charging to 100%

    This is just one of those things where Ford decided to re-invent the wheel with wonky logic, instead of doing what every other EV manufacturer does by allowing you to specify a GLOBAL setting that limits charge rate ANYWHERE you charge. They still could have implemented location based charging...
  18. DaMeatMan

    New Frunk Design equipped in my just delivered 2023 Mach-E GT

    Demand for what exactly??? If they are building the car, built it right from the start. It's like saying we built you a car that requires you to remove 2 panels just to add window washer fluid, and we put a convenient washer fluid symbol on those panels... why? Because we did... who knows what...
  19. DaMeatMan

    New Frunk Design equipped in my just delivered 2023 Mach-E GT

    I cannot for the life of me understand why we are 3 model years into production, and they still have not added this! It's insane that you we literally have to remove multiple panels just to get access to it, particularly when they teased us with the + and - symbols directly above those panels...
  20. DaMeatMan

    PowerUp 4.x Poll

    I'm in exactly the same boat, have not received an update since January of this year. The last update received was version 4.1.2 with the new SYNC UI re-design, updated to Version 22326 Rev. 640. I've spoken to someone earlier today from Ford Canada Technology/OTA update department, and they...