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  1. AtomicInternet

    Daily charging

    I charge to 80%, but I really don't even need that much. I was planning on getting a 240v charger when I bought my MME, but I can't justify it. I get back up to 80% overnight on 120v on all but a few occasions.
  2. AtomicInternet

    Repair of Rim Curb Rash

    Oh, I'd believe the reviews then. Mine have never come off, but I rarely take my RS on the highway.
  3. AtomicInternet

    How much do you pay for electric at home?

    I'm in South Carolina, so pretty sure you have Dominion Energy as well. We don't have a peak/off-peak, just a first 800 kWh rate. First 800 kWh X $ 0.137230 After 800 kWh X $ 0.148730 I might be charged this way because I have solar panels though.
  4. AtomicInternet

    Repair of Rim Curb Rash

    I was wise enough to get the wheel warranty for my Mach-E which means I just swap out my wheel for a new one for any reason at all. Highly recommend if you can still purchase it. If not, I use these on my RS which has a habit of wheel rash thanks to drift mode and my inability to use it...
  5. AtomicInternet

    Picking up an MME on Friday — What are the first things I should do?

    Driving a car with all nanny noises enabled also has liability consequences should anything happen, it doesn't insulate drivers from lawsuits. This is a litigious society whether my car makes noises or not. I've managed to not run over pedestrians at low speed by simply paying attention to my...
  6. AtomicInternet

    2024 Mach-E Rally first live look from Detroit Autoshow debut

    I'll be taking the spoiler off this and putting it on mine. So if you get one and don't like the spoiler, hit me up lol.
  7. AtomicInternet

    Why are we left out of the Elite Experience Club?

    I think I found it. EV charging is not yet enjoyable on long road trips lol.
  8. AtomicInternet

    Picking up an MME on Friday — What are the first things I should do?

    If you're comfortable with making programming changes, I recommend getting Forscan and disabling all the nanny noises (seatbelt on startup, reverse noise, pedestrian low speed noise). I like my MME much better now that it's quiet...
  9. AtomicInternet

    Sync update stuck after "Not complete" update

    Did you do a master reset for Sync? Press SETTINGS. Press General. Press Reset. Press Factory Reset. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete the reset.
  10. AtomicInternet

    Disconnected by a Rivan driver at charging station

    I'm not aware of any locking mechanism for the chargers other than pushing the button on top to disconnect. If you think about it, that could be a fire hazard to have it lock on your car and unable to be removed. I agree the Rivian driver was probably on a long road trip so he made his move...
  11. AtomicInternet

    Mustang Mach-E Rally Edition! Priced ~$65K, 480hp, 650lb-ft, raised 20mm, Rally Sport Mode, ordering open early 2024

    I know what Grabber Blue looks like, curious what the Eruption Green will look like. I know we've talked about this before, but there is a solid niche market for these trim levels. As a Focus RS owner , I'm squarely in it. Also love the foglight placement on a vehicle that I'm sure was...
  12. AtomicInternet

    Charge to 100%...Gone!

    Just to make sure: you have "Charging Locations" turned on in the car settings correct? If that's turned off, it charges to 100% by default and you don't get the button.
  13. AtomicInternet

    Anyone else having Fordpass issues currently?

    Turned off "charging locations"from the car in case anyone else has this issue. Goes to 100% when disabled. (Charging app in car)
  14. AtomicInternet

    Anyone else having Fordpass issues currently?

    Thanks, the car is plugged in (obviously) and I've turned it to accessory as well as fully powered up. Disconnected Wifi, reconnected wifi. Refuses to charge to 100%. Trying to see if there's a way to pick 100% from the car but not finding anything.
  15. AtomicInternet

    Anyone else having Fordpass issues currently?

    Clicked "Charge to 100%" at least 20 times now. Restarted app, even restarted phone. No go.
  16. AtomicInternet

    BC 1.2 at turns

    Typically before I hit an excessively sharp turn BlueCruise just turns off. You can see where it will do it on the BlueCruise map too. Here's my favorite example where it quits, then picks up, then quits again. I'm assuming this won't change since 1.3 is technically "out" and the map still...
  17. AtomicInternet

    Hit the 400 mark!

    Congrats! I have an appreciation for manipulating stats as I dabble in it myself lol.
  18. AtomicInternet

    NO Portable EV Charger with vehicle

    If you can get past the name "Shockflo" this is the one I use. Cheaper than Ford option and zero issues charging @ 120v.
  19. AtomicInternet

    Safety I say! It's for your own good, sometimes.

    I switched off "Reverse Brake Assist" day 1 of ownership, along with disabling about 20 different Forscan nanny protocols. However, holding the accelerator is supposed to override it in case you want to keep it on: Reverse Brake Assist - Overriding Reverse Brake Assist (
  20. AtomicInternet

    BlueCruise safety problem

    Am I blind or did I somehow kill it with my Forscan changes? Is it predictive speed assist, because that says it helps around curves and useful things.