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  1. tuminatr

    Windshield Replacement through Safelite Success Story

    Nationwide, but it's probably part them and part the state of MN. $0 deductible on glass, choice of repair facility, etc
  2. tuminatr

    Windshield Replacement through Safelite Success Story

    I have read a few issues people have had in the past having their windshields replaced. For me, it was the opposite Safelite made the process easy and they even knew that because of the Bluecruise and safety features of my 2021 MME GTPE required factory glass to work properly. I don't work for...
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    Please Help! Brand new Mach E California 1

    My last MME had the dreaded HVBJB failure ford customer relations told me that same thing "you will be reimbursed 40 bucks a day" but they covered the whole thing. I would call and open a case ask for the whole rental to be covered. And if there are any dealers or service manager watching...
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    Does this make me the first lifted Mach-E?

    Tire racks is going to be much more accurate as they get that info from the tire manufacturer. You will also notice there are small differences by manufacturer and model. A 7" wide rim is from the inside of the flanges. So if you measure the outside flange(edge) it's likely a little over 7.5".
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    Bodyshop Raises Estimate from $3,000 to Almost $9,000 - Are they Full of Poop?

    First off, get it fixed that's what you have insurance for. I work in automotive not auto body. Auto body is more of an art than mechanical repair and there are many ways to do the same thing. And there are many levels of skill. A direct example is my old MME had the charge door ripped off...
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    Does this make me the first lifted Mach-E?

    No, and here is a good way to figure that out. Use Tire Rack as a resource look up the tire size and click "specs" The minimum width required for a 235/55/19 is 6.5". You could actually put a 245/50/19 on the 7" wide factory rim
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    New or Pre-Owned?

    Correct, I need to use the individual company's apps to initiate charging. In my area it's mostly EVGO and Electrify America. So that's all I have tried I spoke with the folks at ford they tell me that plug and charge will be fixed soon. It's not that big of a deal and I pay for pass + through EA
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    Recommendations on winter tires for GTPE?

    Tire rack tested the performance winter category and the Wintrac Pro took first place. In Minnesota we get hit really hard and last year my Wintrac pros performed extremely well.
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    When or will GT/PE 5 Second limit be lifted by OTA

    I drove a Kia EV6 GT, but could not adjust the seat to be comfortable. Is it faster than my GTPE yes, is the suspension stiffer than my GTPE yes Sounds silly but better suspension and more comfort won.
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    When or will GT/PE 5 Second limit be lifted by OTA

    Ha ha this is the new frunk button
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    Front motor failure 2021 Select AWD Job 1

    You should look into the no lemon low in your state if you have one start a case this needs to be resolved.
  12. tuminatr

    Well, it happened: HVBJB Fault

    I opened a case when my premium AWD had the HVBJB failure last year October it took 7 days for the repair. Not bad IMHO I bet when my GTPE goes it will be about the same.
  13. tuminatr

    Navigation preference Ford or Apple?

    I use either google maps or the Ford nav. The reason for ford nav use is I have a work and personal phone. Using ford nav I can Bluetooth connect and answer or call from either phone. The ford nav works fine
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    New or Pre-Owned?

    I originally bought a new Premium AWD ex and just traded it for a used GTPE. This is a personal preference but I usually buy used as a few year old car is a bargain compared to a new one. One thing I found out is a used MME won't Plug and charge. Ford has some kind of issue that only the...
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    Aftermarket wheels are always my first mod

    A lot of what he is saying in that video is wrong but the basic concept is right. I went from the factory 19" premium wheel to a set of CR1 wheels to get better range. IMHO the wheels make a bigger difference than the fact that they were 18". When you think about it the biggest difference...
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    Eibach Sway bars now avalable for the Mach E

    Here is a deal on a used set of eBay with nuts for around $100. Not a bad deal Looking at the part numbers the Bronco Sport uses...
  17. tuminatr

    Minnesota 4 GT 20" wheels in very good shape no curb rash $800

    Better pictures to follow likely this weekend. These had winter tires mounted and were driven one winter. They are now loose wheels. I would prefer pickup but would ship PM me for details and a shipping price.
  18. tuminatr

    Illinois WTB 19" Premium Wheel Take offs In Chicago area

    If you still looking I did see these on Facebook in Minneapolis. I am not the seller so just a FYI. 19" Aero wheels, tires, and TPMS take-offs 3000 miles $1000, and maybe they would take an offer. May be worth the drive...
  19. tuminatr

    22 Premium extended battery MME used trade/sell price is too low!!!

    Traded my Job1 Premium AWD EX 29,000 miles last month and got more than that. The car I traded was priced below the trade-in value. so it was real money. I looked this month and if I had kept the premium it would be worth $31,000 to $32,000 on trade so yes they have dropped
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    2024 Mach-E Rally first live look from Detroit Autoshow debut

    They said the same software is coming to GT and GTPE owners, It will probably be a 10-second rule but I will take it.