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  1. Arsenic17

    AC Fan always made noise at high settings, now it's failing

    I think the AC in mine always sounds loud from both inside and outside the car. I dont think that in itself is sign of an issue.
  2. Arsenic17

    Model S/Model X prices heavily discounted *again*

    Would be pretty pissed if I paid $120k 9 months ago and now could pay $80k....
  3. Arsenic17

    A great 99,345 Mile run (until total loss accident)

    Wow you had a great run and love the modifications you made. Can red light runners be put in jail or permabanned at least from driving? People are so oblivious these days when driving around death machines.
  4. Arsenic17

    Regulate charging rate - can I control the % of power delivered to decrease watts so charging takes longer

    Do you have net metering, time of use pricing or any type of solar banking program for your house? If so, this point is basically moot. Just charge at night and don't worry about the rate of electrons flowing. With that said, if you really do need to do this reduced rate, it has to be done on...
  5. Arsenic17

    Highway speed to dead stop traffic with Adaptive Cruise enabled --- do you trust it?

    From my understanding Tesla vehicles used to have this issue, but it has been addressed in a recent update. Ford needs to do the same.
  6. Arsenic17

    Our meeting with Jim Farley to talk about Ford EVs

    Thanks for the great video guys. Sounds like a fun discussion with Jim! Personally I dont have any need for dog (or kid) mode, but camping mode would be nice. I like Patrick's mention of charging data on screen. That would be useful for us nerds, but I think it could overwhelm the average Joe...
  7. Arsenic17

    Highway speed to dead stop traffic with Adaptive Cruise enabled --- do you trust it?

    Anyone else almost get into a collision every time they approach stopped traffic from highway speeds with Adaptive Cruise enabled? I dont really trust the car to stop in this scenario as it has been very close to a collision on multiple occasions. The times I have let it go from say 60 MPH with...
  8. Arsenic17

    Is the ambient light worth it?

    I agree the order page what a bit misleading. Any time it is cloudy it looks black, but when the sun is out it is fairly stunning and a metallic gray color. I dont have any problems with it, but it is very sunny where I live. You must be in a cloudy place :(
  9. Arsenic17

    Ford BlueCruise 1.3 is coming soon

    2022 select models had only 90 day blue cruise trials I think. Those would have expired long ago for many.
  10. Arsenic17

    Benz pretends to be a bolt, catches fire NOT charging..

    "NHTSA doesn't collect fire data in this way, either. NHTSA—which we should call "the NHTSA," but that sounds weird—collects data on crashes but says that only about 5 percent of fires are crash-related.” They don't collect data on car fires but somehow know how many car fires are crash-related...
  11. Arsenic17

    Benz pretends to be a bolt, catches fire NOT charging..

    Seems like this is the number of car fires in a calendar year divided by the car sales in that year. It is not considering the amount of cars on the road, only those sold in that year (at least it seems, it is ambiguous somewhat). The given rates will be massively inflated by a factor of 10-15...
  12. Arsenic17

    Hideous Insurance Renewal Cost Increase

    Climate change has very little impact on car insurance rates actually. If you look at your breakdown, the highest percentage of the premium comes from medical. Skyrocketing healthcare costs due to corporate greed are a much bigger concern than climate change to your wallet. But you already knew...
  13. Arsenic17

    Faulty math article on EV v ICE

    1. OK I am fine with the fuel tax being added into the comparison here. I cant find my registration, but I dont believe the "EV fee" in my state was above $100, but obviously it will vary by state. 10,000 miles per year / $100 = 1 cent per mile tax. So for 100 miles of range, that will be an...
  14. Arsenic17

    Faulty math article on EV v ICE

    Not sure, but my math came from their paragraph where they talk about charging Mach-E at home: "Charging.... at home will run about $12.62 per 100 miles" MME has EPA efficiency of 3 mi/kWh, so 100 miles would require 33 kWh of energy. $12.62 ÷ 33 = $0.38. That is the home price they are using...
  15. Arsenic17

    One year review of Blucifer Twocifer!

    Thanks guys. Great watch as always!
  16. Arsenic17

    Faulty math article on EV v ICE

    They are skewing the results on both sides of the argument. Not sure how they could get it that wrong unless there was political motivation? They are using a gas price of ~$3.10/gallon and an electricity price of ~$0.38/kWh. The average US gas price is in fact $3.86 right now, while average...
  17. Arsenic17

    Tesla suppresses thousands of driving range complaints

    Honestly there are enough data sensors in the car and processing power onboard that the dash should damn well be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate of your expected range. It knows the real-time battery health/charge/temps, outdoor temperature, your climate settings, your driving...
  18. Arsenic17

    Navigation Doesn't Believe Highway Exists

    So.... I am having the exact same issue with the Denver Metro area. It's not just US-36 though. I also have the same problem with the Carpool/Toll lanes along I-25 around Broomfield and even I-70 around Idaho Springs to the tunnel. If I am in Vail, the car will route me super far south to come...
  19. Arsenic17

    Why is the wireless charging so bad?

    It is impossible to even get the Pixel Fold to wirelessly charge in the Mache. Very rarely with some specific placements I can get it to start, but it doesn't stay charging and trying to reproduce it in the exact same place doesn't work. Yeah, basically useless to me.
  20. Arsenic17

    Full Color Change Wrap & Tinted -- Got It Back Today! (TeckWrap Royal Bronze and 5% ceramic tint)

    Thanks you have a lot of good information here! This should be its own forum post IMO. Perhaps in the wheels section!