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  1. GuliblGuy

    Could a software update enable faster DCFC charging?

    Looking at the PetroCanada stations on plugshare their stations are 350kw, 200kw, 100kw and a few 50kw max chargers. What is the speed listed on the charger you tried? Have you tried others? Electrify Canada should have some faster chargers.
  2. GuliblGuy

    Frunk opened by itself!

    You can only name it that in March
  3. GuliblGuy

    What did everyone buy - Color

    Color pie chart is here
  4. GuliblGuy

    Holy Nio, Come on Ford, Chevy and Tesla Up Your Game!!!

    I was really impressed by this car, also add to the fact that they have pet mode and camping mode.... Ford?
  5. GuliblGuy

    How is a GTPE at 5% SOC?

    Striker knows
  6. GuliblGuy

    Charge Assist Coming Soon?

    I didn't realize everyone had to rejoin...I thought this whole time I was still in it and just wasn't getting any new features to test. Just signed back up again!
  7. GuliblGuy

    Ford Streaming.. What does it include?

    When I was playing around with it, I told the integrated Alexa to play one of my playlists and it was through some sort of integrated Amazon music app direct from the car, not streaming through the app up from my phone so that was cool. We use Amazon music as our music service. If you have...
  8. GuliblGuy

    Hankook ION Evo AS SUV tires now available

    I have been waiting for a month for the in stock ones to go on sale. Their form requires a link to the item.
  9. GuliblGuy

    Hankook ION Evo AS SUV tires now available

    Just tried it and they said Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you through our Found it Lower service. I clicked on the link you submitted, and I show the HANKOOK VENTUS ION A X 225 /55 R19 103V XL tires are listed as out of stock. (picture below) Unfortunately, we are...
  10. GuliblGuy

    Hankook ION Evo AS SUV tires now available

    It says that is out of stock. The same tire in stock is $241
  11. GuliblGuy

    【BestEvMod】Let’s Do a Giveaway Raffle! End on 8/29

    Here's one I liked
  12. GuliblGuy

    2021 GT/GTPE MMEs Without HVBJB Failure - Tracking List

    I don't have a GT, but have had the new revised part fail in my Premium 4x
  13. GuliblGuy

    Hankook ION Evo AS SUV tires now available

    The Walmart sale that they do every couple months for around $180 will hopefully be any day. Been watching for a few weeks now.
  14. GuliblGuy

    Pets in Your Mach-E (Photo Edition)

    Barley crashed out in the back seat
  15. GuliblGuy

    DC to AC converter

    I bought something like this to blow up my air mattress for camping and it works great. 150W Power Inverter 12V DC to 110V AC Car Plug Adapter Outlet Converter with 3.1A Dual USB AC car Charger for Laptop Computer
  16. GuliblGuy

    Rivian Adventure Network In Trip Planner

    I brought this up a few months ago....a Ford engineer told me they would remove them, but clearly that hasn't happened yet...