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  1. scoopman

    [video] Saying good-bye to Mach N Cheese

    Honest feedback from a now former pony jockey.
  2. scoopman

    California Sold: FDRS License until Sept 25 -- $125

    I have an FDRS license good thru Sept 25, 2023 that I'd like to sell to someone. Yearly license is $900 -- and this is about 1/6 of that time, so I figure $125 is a fair price for this. (Remember, a 2-day license is $50, so this is a good value if you plan to use it more than 2 times before...
  3. scoopman

    California 3D Mats KAGU ALL-WEATHER CUSTOM FIT mats – full set $150 or best offer!!! pickup only

    Here's your chance to own a piece of Mach-N-Cheese history! $150 OR BEST OFFER Bay Area pickup for ALL OF THESE MATS – full car set from trunk, interior, frunk! These are actually awesome mats. Make Mrs. Scoopman happy and get these things out of our garage NOW!
  4. scoopman

    California Sold: AOSKonology Compatible with Mach-E All-Weather Front Trunk Mat, Rubber Cargo Liner $20 Bay Area pickup // $25 shipped

    $20 Bay Area pickup // $25 shipped —- this is $35+tax on Amazon.
  5. scoopman

    California AOSK Interior Parts bonanza! metal knob, door sills, console organizers!!

    Here's your chance to own a piece of Mach-N-Cheese history! EVERYTHING MUST GO! On offer, local pickup prices: Black metal knob $10 Door matte carbon fiber (needs 2x tape to re-install) $10 Armrest Storage Box Organizer Center Console Tray $10 Wireless Charging Center Console Organizer Tray...
  6. scoopman

    California Sold: TWRAPS DUAL WIRELESS CHARGER FOR MUSTANG MACH-E | COMPATIBLE WITH MAGSAFE IPHONES – Custom wrap (removable) – $75 local Bay Area pickup // $100 shippe

    This is great, an actual working MagSafe iPhone wireless charger for the Mach-E. As if Ford made a wireless charger that worked in their car. And there’s TWO of them here! $100 plus tax and shipping if you order it new from Twraps – this is basically new and comes with a cool wrap I put on it...
  7. scoopman

    California Sold: [SOLD!!!] Mongoose-Plus J2534 OEM Vehicle Interface Cable - Ford/Lincoln/Mercury OEM Reprogramming and Diagnostics -- $450 shipped

    Here's your chance to own a piece of Mach-N-Cheese history! Used for flashing all the latest dope module updates, but still in perfect condition! Get your FDRS on with this Mongoose! $539+tax if you get it from Bezos, Inc. – but only $450 shipped from Mach N Cheese HQ! Ask me for the...
  8. scoopman

    California Clore Automotive PL6100 Flash Reprogramming Power Supply 100 Amp $350 Bay Area pickup // $400 shipped

    Here's your chance to own a piece of Mach-N-Cheese history! Used for many a social FDRS flash around Mach-N-Cheese World Headquarters! Keep your 12v maintained as you flash away with this awesome Clore power supply. Cyber Orange colored! $350 if you pick it up (much preferred), $400 if you...
  9. scoopman

    Power-Up 4.2.4 software version released

    I just got this little goodie. Because, why not have 0.0.1 better? Seems to have a "record feedback and send to Ford" feature. Think of this as a more direct way to vent while waiting for your tow truck, or while pulling your latest Service Vehicle Soon codes from your OBD-II reader...
  10. scoopman

    [VIDEO] Fixing wireless phone charging in the Mach-E

    In this week's video, taking place largely in my car because #lotsofrain, we're looking at the Twraps Charging Pad, and complaining about how bad the Mach-E's stock charging pad really is.
  11. scoopman

    Mach N Cheese Mach-E Goes Tesla Supercharging [VIDEO]

    Join your (second-favorite) Non-Tesla as we go supercharging in Scotts Valley, CA!
  12. scoopman

    Okay, those CarPlay problems are real

    This morning, Mr. Cheese completely refused to start CarPlay. I did everything obvious in increasing levels of doing each of these: I deleted my phone from the list of phones I deleted my car from Settings > General > CarPlay > Forget car I rebooted Sync I re-paired BT first and answered yes...
  13. scoopman

    Stuck Frunk repair experience

    UPDATE, Feb 24: I made a video. ----------------- .... or the third unscheduled major warranty repair for my car in 13,000 miles. Yay Ford quality product. I noticed all of a sudden that my frunk latch would only unlatch the first portion, and then wouldn't unlock itself fully. This...
  14. scoopman

    ChatGPT, write me a song about an electric pony.

    Kinda catchy, would be fun if put to music.
  15. scoopman

    New UI bug: MMB-MAX Android box incompatible

    In general, I'm digging the new UI that I finally received yesterday. Except for the fact that the Joyeauto Chinese Android hacky device I have that lets me have YouTube, Netflix, and Bluey while we charge on roadtrips doesn't work anymore. Ford's clearly changed the resolution / DPI reported...
  16. scoopman

    Mach-N-Cheese takes a trip: or overcoming our fears of Blippi and charger failure

    On December 29th, the fam and I piled into Mach N Cheese and drove from Northern California down to Los Angeles. We’re planning to video our trip back up, but I thought I’d write up a quick trip report focusing on some of the efficiencies and infrastructure we encountered on our rainy, chilly...