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  1. TheVirtualTim

    Iowa Condo Charging

    A friend of mine has EV charging in his condo. They use ChargePoint. The chargers are available to residents and guests but residents and guests need their own ChargePoint account. What I found interesting about their setup ... is that they put all the chargers in the valet area. If you...
  2. TheVirtualTim

    Ford dealerships and charging

    Some dealers have DC Fast Charging installed and they are available for public use. More of these are expected at dealers who sign-on to be "Model e" dealers.
  3. TheVirtualTim

    12v battery monitors

    You can put the car in 'accessory' mode and you can get the reading. If you 'start' the car then the high-voltage battery gets connected and the 12v port will almost immediately read 15v (not a true indicator of the 12v). But as long as you don't really start the car, you can get a reading of...
  4. TheVirtualTim

    Ford Electric Cars & Coffee on 9/15! in Detroit

    Actually if doing a weekday ... Friday is the one day of the week that I seldom have work meetings in the morning. I'm signed up.
  5. TheVirtualTim

    Disconnected by a Rivan driver at charging station

    I completely disagree. Nobody has a right to occupy a charging stall when their car isn't charging AND think they are so entitled as to be upset that anyone else who might need a charge should be able to get one. When your car is full and charging has completely ... you definitely do NOT need a...
  6. TheVirtualTim

    Android Auto, WAZE, 0 min to dest

    Clearly, waze has identified a method for you to travel at the speed of light, thus suspending the passage of time. ;)
  7. TheVirtualTim

    Purchasing and Programming another FOB

    Sorry for the confusion ... the other two procedures I found did _not_ work. Only this procedure worked (after repeated attempts). In fairness, I was doing a long 5 second count (1-Mississippi, 2-Mississippi, etc.) and it seems like a "long" count is not what you should go for. If I had it to...
  8. TheVirtualTim

    NO Portable EV Charger with vehicle

    All Mach-E's came with them up until the 2nd half of 2023 (2023's in the first half of the model year had them included). Having said that ... they have a fairly high-ish failure rate. It's possible the original failed and wasn't replaced because a person is unlikely to re-purchase the same...
  9. TheVirtualTim

    Questions about Blue Oval Network

    One of the annoyances about all the various apps ... is that it isn't just needing to download "yet another charging app" and have another account -- it's that they expect you to maintain a balance on the account. This is basically the "Starbucks Card" of EV Charging. The "Starbucks Card"...
  10. TheVirtualTim

    Ford is retiring these three gas models to make way for new electric vehicles

    Keep in mind that Ford somewhat recently introduced two alternatives to the Escape. The Bronco Sport is basically similar size & utility to the Escape and in many ways better. It is built on the Escape platform. In many ways the Bronco Sport is getting back to what the Escape *used* to be...
  11. TheVirtualTim

    Questions about Blue Oval Network

    (1) Only Electrify America supports "Plug & Charge" for Ford EV's. To use it, you must have add a payment method to your Blue Oval charging network account and once that's done you also have to enable the option in the Ford Pass app. In theory, other network providers can implement Plug &...
  12. TheVirtualTim

    EV charging is changing, Part 1: How automakers’ disappointment in Electrify America drove them into Tesla’s arms

    That article is EXTREMELY GENEROUS to Electrify America. I am convinced that on any given day ... FULLY 25% of ELECTRIFY AMERICA is malfunctioning. It was 2+ years ago to get the last time I could pull into an EA site and all the charging stalls worked. 25% may be too generous ... it may be 40%...
  13. TheVirtualTim

    Clear a key-fob?

    Ok ... I _finally_ have a working fob and you are correct ... no need to do anything to clear the fact that the fob was previously programmed to a different car. I found three different programming procedures, but this is the one that worked...
  14. TheVirtualTim

    Purchasing and Programming another FOB

    This took a LOT of repeated attempts. I was sure I was counting out the 5 second intervals carefully but wasn't able to get this procedure to work. I found two other (completely different) procedures which also did not work. BUT THEN ... after trying this enough times, it FINALLY worked. Not...
  15. TheVirtualTim

    This is a good read about BlueCruise

    It should, but it doesn't. Sometimes the car moves over ... sometimes not (you can completely pass a large truck/trailer that isn't doing such a good job staying in their lane and the car ignores it. Oddly, I've seen it move over occasionally for small vehicles (not big semi-trucks)
  16. TheVirtualTim

    An Electrify America station destroyed two ID.4 batteries on the same day!

    You don't actually need a garage or carport to install an L2 charger. They get installed on posts outside in the weather. Every model I've looked at (there area LOT of them and I've only looked at a handful of models) are designed to be exposed to weather. But your point about rented homes...
  17. TheVirtualTim

    This is a good read about BlueCruise

    My '23 has BC 1.2. That alone is a MASSIVE improvement from BC 1.0 on my '21. I still get the message to put my hands on the wheel on turns with BC 1.2 ... hoping for an improvement with 1.3. I've also noticed that BC 1.2 will "move over" if next to a large truck (as the trucks have...
  18. TheVirtualTim

    Highway speed to dead stop traffic with Adaptive Cruise enabled --- do you trust it?

    The car recognizes speed signs but it does _not_ advertise that it recognizes any other sign. That includes stop signs and red lights. You are expected to monitor the road (that's why the nanny-cams are watching your eyes) and take care of that part of driving. ADAS = Active Driver...
  19. TheVirtualTim

    Clear a key-fob?

    A couple of weeks ago, my '21 FE lost it's brain and refused to recognize PaaK. Fortunately I was at home so I just needed to grab a key-fob. In this scenario, FordPass showed my PaaK was configured, but the car wouldn't recognize it. Since the car refused to recognize PaaK ... it ALSO...