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  1. Mirak

    Radio Activates On Its Own

    I’m not finding this in a search, but I’m sure I’m not the first to experience it. If someone could point me to the thread on this bug, I would appreciate it. I have an issue with the radio activating on its own. It activates to a random AM station with static. Loud static. The bug appears to...
  2. Mirak

    DC to AC converter

    I’d like to use the DC port on the trunk to air up an inflatable mattress for camping. The mattress says it is 0.9A and 105w. I was looking at a cheap DC to AC converter that has an input of 13.8V DC, 12A and an output of 1.04A and 100w. Think that’ll be ok?
  3. Mirak

    Ford Model E Outperforms Its Loss Projections! To be fair, I don’t know that these loss projections take into account the plan to charge $800 annual subscriptions for BlueCruise.
  4. Mirak

    Lift Gate occasionally opens on its own?!

    I know there were some complaints early on about this. I thought Ford had fixed it. Hadn’t happened for me in about 6mos. I have the very most recent OTA updates re PAAK and door latches. Today, leaving work, the car detected my PAAK upon approach, woke up, and then opens the lift gate on its...
  5. Mirak

    Plugging in a dash cam to USB-A port?

    I got a cheapo dash cam as a corporate birthday item. It came with a 12v DC (cigarette plug) to 5v mini-USB cord that is too short. I was going to buy a 10’ USB-A to mini-USB cable and plug that into the port below the infotainment screen. Does that USB port supply the same power, or do I have...
  6. Mirak

    My crapty Toyota Corolla rental has BlueCruise

    My 2021 Mach E is back in the shop, this time for the Front Camera Crapout repair (off topic, I'm surprised my warranty repairs alone are not a separate line item on Ford's latest financials), and the dealer generously arranged for a rental car. Enterprise gave me a crapty Toyota Corolla, but I...
  7. Mirak

    It’s the End of the World as We Know It…

    Finisterre. “End of the Earth.” Westernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula and, for a time, the world as the Romans knew it. And the charger is broken. Helluva view, though.
  8. Mirak

    Why did my public L2 session stop at 90%?

    I plugged into a ChargePoint L2 this morning during an out&back daytrip of about 150mi both ways. I was at university with business there, so staying plugged in all day worked just fine for me. I had hoped to charge back to 100% for the trip home. But the session ended at 90%. Did I have a...
  9. Mirak

    Article: Artificial Intelligence is Teaching the Mach-E How to Drive (BlueCruise)

    AI is teaching the Ford Mustang Mach-E how to drive AI is teaching the Ford Mustang Mach-E how to drive Semi-autonomous BlueCruise feature improved with artificial intelligence The Ford Mustang Mach-E has been going to driving school. The electric SUV is one of the models that is available...
  10. Mirak

    Searching for chargers in Ford Nav

    I suspect this has been addressed but I’m not finding it. I’m currently on a road trip from Wichita to KC. Going to stop at an EVGO 150-350kW station in Overland Park. I pulled up Ford Nav on SYNC to search for chargers, and it brought up a bunch of nearby L2. Which is sort of stupid and...
  11. Mirak

    Brake Noise in Reverse

    My son drove yesterday and he doesn’t use 1PD. When backing out of our driveway, I noticed the brakes making a muffled rubbing or grinding noise. Sounds like a pice of plastic dragging under the car against the pavement. But this only occurs when using the brakes, in reverse. Not with 1PD. And...
  12. Mirak

    Programmers - why so many bugs?

    I know I am probably going to regret the avalanche of nerdery that is about to ensue, but can anybody explain to a non-programmer why Ford is having so many bugs with SYNC, and why it is so slow to fix those bugs? There are countless threads about (1) bugs that still exist after two years, and...
  13. Mirak

    After Two Years and 30,000 Miles... Long Term Owner Review

    Two years ago today, I flew to Denver to pick up Sonic - my Grabber Blue FE - and drive him home to Wichita. That odyssey is detailed here. Sonic is Blucifer's twin and I was only able to get him due to a cancelled pre-order by @Mach-E VLOG. 29,900 miles later, here is my two-year review...
  14. Mirak

    The Latest EA Poll re FordPass... the Worst Yet?

    Received an Early Access poll yesterday re FordPass. Among other things, wanted to know my thoughts about: "the FordPass Home Charging feature" "the FordPass Public Charging feature" "the FordPass Managing Public Charging feature" "the FordPass Vehicle Diagnostic feature" "the FordPass Vehicle...
  15. Mirak

    Criteria for your Next EV?

    I don’t upgrade frequently. I wait for big jumps in tech. I drove my last car, a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, for nearly 12 years while I waited for an EV that checked 4 Boxes: (1) Crossover/SUV form factor, (2) stylish inside and out, (3) 250mi+ range, and (4) no more than $50k after tax credit...
  16. Mirak

    Check FordPass for Poll

    Just realized that on February 13, I received a poll invite through the FordPass message center - not email - asking for how to improve FordPass, and how to improve overall Ford experience. Here are my answers… How to improve FordPass: How to improve overall Ford experience: Please check...
  17. Mirak

    In this thread, we tell Ford how to make the Home Screen perfect

    I think we can all agree that the UI overhaul with 4.1.2 made some significant enhancements… and whiffed on some softballs. In this thread, we’re gonna make a master list of things Ford should do to make the UI Home Screen perfect. Yes, perfect, because our cars deserve the best. I will start...
  18. Mirak

    If you want your Mach-E to get OTA updates - do this… 🤣

    Ok, so I finally got 4.1.1 today after being stuck on 3.5.4 since October. I think I finally figured out the problem. If you want to receive OTA updates, follow these steps: Make sure battery is under 30%. 28% seems to be the sweet spot. Place sunglasses in center console (NOT overhead - near...
  19. Mirak

    Poll: Have you gotten OTA 4.1.2 (the UI refresh)?

    Sorry if this is a little gratuitous - but I'm feeling bitter stuck on 3.5.4 as an EA participant, and I wonder just how bitter I should be...
  20. Mirak

    "You Don't Need That Giant Battery"

    Dear Electric Vehicle Owners: You Don’t Need That Giant Battery | WIRED This article reeks of pinheaded smug elitism. It's also a good example of the new "you should be happy to make do with less" ethos that's always existed among the "intellectual" sphere but has really bloomed in this...