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  1. JohnFoxeSheets

    Jack Pad design available

    I was asked if I would try to design a jack pad that could be installed permanently at each of the jack points on the Mach E. The goal is to make a pad that will fit with (hopefully) most floor jack saddles and can be left on the car at all times. While I've not made samples, I have made...
  2. JohnFoxeSheets

    Trunk Front Cargo Rings for North American Mach Es

    TL;DR: Cargo tie-down rings for the front area of the cargo area will soon be available for purchase for $75-$100 (possibly lower, depending on total number of orders). These are not OEM. They are custom designed to function identically to the OEM brackets and fit on the mounting studs that are...
  3. JohnFoxeSheets

    Fisher Ocean One Video Review

    Just watched the video in this article. The Fisher Ocean One owner is very positive regarding the car. (Personally, I'm not at all sold on the price or looks.) One odd thing I noted was the 499 counter for the activation of the Boost mode. I'm not sure what that's about, but it makes me wonder...
  4. JohnFoxeSheets

    Tools to help compare PG&E distribution + community power generation plan costs

    This post may apply for all PG&E customers, but especially to those who get their electricity generated by a community power generation company but delivered by PG&E. This is my situation in San Francisco and while PG&E has rate plan calculators that provide comparisons for differing rate plans...
  5. JohnFoxeSheets

    Urgent charging question - resolved

    UPDATE: I just arrived home with 32% SoC. All’s well. (@Mach-Lee recommended that I stop the preconditioning since - paraphrasing - the priority should be getting electrons into the battery, not making the battery be in a condition to accept more.) Thanks to all who replied! I’m at an Airbnb...
  6. JohnFoxeSheets

    Loneliest Club Ever

  7. JohnFoxeSheets

    Why does the shift knob rotate past Drive?

    Does anyone know if there is any utility in the shift knob rotating past Drive (clockwise), or Park (counterclockwise)? I ask because it's happened to me a few times where I accidentally rotated clockwise to shift the car from Drive to Reverse rather than counterclockwise. Obviously this is user...
  8. JohnFoxeSheets

    Mach-E Cargo LED Strip Lighting Project - Another (My) Approach

    @MyLittlePony2022 made a modification to his MME, adding strip LED lighting to his cargo area. He wired the LED strips to the power and ground of the C489 connector (for the side lamp module in the cargo area), and since the power to that module is always on (until the car times out), he added a...
  9. JohnFoxeSheets

    2023 Vapor Blue E4X Premium to be available soon in the Bay Area

    Back in January I ordered a 2022 IBSM E4X Premium. In March I bought my IBSM GT off a lot (so to speak) but I've kept my original order just in case. My original order was converted to a 2023 Vapor Blue in August. The car is built and awaiting shipment by convoy. Ford estimates it will arrive in...
  10. JohnFoxeSheets

    End of Daylight Savings Time Charging Bug?

    Has anyone else experienced that your MME's charging schedule seems to not understand the change from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time? My MME should have started charging at 8pm this evening, but as of 8:55pm it still wasn't charging. I checked the settings on my phone and confirmed...
  11. JohnFoxeSheets

    FordPass Recommended Charge Times

    I recently noticed that in FordPass Vehicle/Charging/Charge Settings/Preferred Charge Times/[location] there is an option called Recommended times: If I select it, I get this screen: …but I’ve not been able to figure out anyway to actually have something useful result from it. There’s no place...
  12. JohnFoxeSheets

    22S55 2022 Mach-E Recall: Rear Axle Half Shaft May Break Under Load (8/26/2022)

    Edit: Updated title to reflect Ford's recall number rather than the NHTSA's campaign number. I signed up for recall NHTSA notifications for the Mach E and got an email today about this. It's a limited recall to up to 1,175 cars built in July and may have been a contributing factor for the...
  13. JohnFoxeSheets

    Cheap, high capacity, and fast: New aluminum battery tech promises it all

    Interesting article in ars Technica about a promising new battery technology using aluminum-sulfur. While it will clearly take time to commercialize and even longer to get into EVs, the technology has some very interesting properties, including very fast charging. Not to suggest that there won't...
  14. JohnFoxeSheets

    The all-electric Dodge Charger Daytona SRT Concept is louder and faster than a V8 muscle car

    I can't say I've ever been a fan of Dodge cars, but this does look bad ass. The fake sound though... 🤣
  15. JohnFoxeSheets

    2022 Hands-free Liftgate ForScan mod broken by 22S41?

    Update: Resolved by re-doing the LIN calibration Back in April I used ForScan to update my 2022 GT to enable the Hands-free Liftgate functionality that Ford turned off for the 2022 model year. It worked well, I'd say about 90% of the time. Recently I've noticed that it's not been working for...
  16. JohnFoxeSheets

    Door bottom interior protection trim

    Is it just me, or would others also like to have some sort of trim to cover the exposed metal of the interior of the bottom of the doors? It's both unsightly and more importantly the corner of the door can be, shall we say, rather uncomfortable when it smashes into your shin - for instance if...
  17. JohnFoxeSheets

    Disable Key Fob Initiated Panic Alarm?

    Does anyone know if it's possible to disable the key-fob-initiated Panic Alarm (without hacking the fob)? It periodically gets activated while in my pocket and it's a feature I can't ever imagine using intentionally, so I'd just as soon disable it entirely. That said, I'd rather not hack the...
  18. JohnFoxeSheets

    FordPass Scheduled Outage This Weekend (4/30 - 5/2)

    Just saw this on the FordPass Community site. I've not seen it mentioned anywhere else on this forum and "FordPass outage" didn't show up in a search, so I thought I should post it here.
  19. JohnFoxeSheets

    Exit Garage, Get a Dozen Errors

    Today was not a good day. My wife and I were about to head out to run errands when I pulled out of the garage and my two and a half day old Mach E GT threw up literally a dozen serious errors: Hill Start Assist Not Available The anti-lock brake system has a communication problem...
  20. JohnFoxeSheets

    Bay Area ground clearance test favor request

    UPDATE: I was just able to test drive a GT to my house and park it in my garage. Good news: there were no problems! Possibly bad news: the right front tire was completely off the ground by about 3"! But if anyone wants to try out your car in my driveway, just let me know! Is there anyone in the...