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  1. AlpaChino

    Mustang Mach-E Rally Edition! Priced ~$65K, 480hp, 650lb-ft, raised 20mm, Rally Sport Mode, ordering open early 2024

    I'd bet my salary that the paint doesn't hold up. I love my MME but it has the softest paint I've ever had, by a mile. Every time I turn around I have a new chip out of the front of my hood that goes down to the aluminum. It's been a real problem with this car.
  2. AlpaChino

    Hit the 400 mark!

    My wife also told me she would never leave me for George Clooney. Which one do you believe more?
  3. AlpaChino

    Hideous Insurance Renewal Cost Increase

    Repair and insurance costs to the consumer have never been a priority of Munro, because it's not a priority of the manufacturers. That is one fault I have with Munro Live videos, and don't get me wrong. They are the reason why the Mach e fell onto my radar in the first place and what sold me...
  4. AlpaChino

    Magic Dock for non Teslas -16 SC opened up in Ft Worth / Arlington, TX

    Is David and 8 Bit Guy the same? Hey there!
  5. AlpaChino

    Does anyone think that the doors are too lightweight?

    The super cheap plastic along the inside of the B pillar that shows every scratch provided by the belt buckle tongue is especially grievous.
  6. AlpaChino

    Mach-E drowned yesterday in the Châteauguay River

    Assuming it gets recovered out of the water, all of the most expensive items (HVB, motors) should be unaffected, right?
  7. AlpaChino

    4.3.6 Power-Up OTA Update

    Congrats. I've been on the EA waitlist since May 2021. @Ford Motor Company this is an experience I would not like to continue. Can you look into this?
  8. AlpaChino

    Ford teases new Mustang Mach-E trim coming? Rally version?

    I already have the rally trim... 😭 Well... Just Rokblokz flaps...but in my mind it's RALLLY BABY
  9. AlpaChino

    Be careful what photos you are posting. Amazon seller stole my photo.

    Listed here: FREEMOTOR802 Compatible With 2021-2023 Ford Mustang Mach-E Trunk Spoiler, Gloss Black MID Rear Lip Spoiler Wing ABS Plastic Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene 3PCS Originally posted here...
  10. AlpaChino

    First impressions: some rough bits

    If I felt like the changeover to the ev6 was financially viable for me I'd be tempted to do the same. Godspeed.
  11. AlpaChino

    First impressions: some rough bits

    What?? Have I been bamboozled?
  12. AlpaChino

    First impressions: some rough bits

    Andy, did you get rid of the OG machncheese? If so, may I ask what were your deciding factors?
  13. AlpaChino

    Electrify America to Add NACS Connector by 2025, While Continuing CCS Support

    Every Tesla has come shipped with a ccs to NACS adapter for years now. Nothing has stopped them up to this point aside from the superiority of Tesla superchargers.
  14. AlpaChino


    Fairfax beach on Lake Monroe, Bloomington IN. Next to no charging infrastructure here, but plenty of 110's at Airbnb's 😂.